button to forward to voicemail/answering m/c


Has anyone heard of an analog home phone that has a single button to forward straight to voicemail ? Just like the thingy on my digital office phone or the ‘No’ button on my cellphone that bumps the caller straight to voice mail.


Heh, not a clue about the phone. My provider allows me to set calls to go directly to voicemail.

…maybe look into the details of the analog phones listed on sites like this:
http://www.phonelady.com/byfeatures1.html ?

Good Luck


Thanks ! I also have the 4-rings-and-go-2-vmail deal with my provider. I was looking for a way of jumpstarting that on a per call basis and fast-forwarding to the voicemail if I just wanted to push the dude calling me to vmail straightaway.