Buy 2+ Shirts, Get 50% off: January 1 - January 7, 2023


1. Stop by and browse a while…we know you’ll find designs you love!

2. Add any 2 or more Woot! Shirts to your cart. This can include t-shirts, long-sleeve tees, sweatshirts, hoodies, zip hoodies, and women’s v-necks.

3. Voila! During checkout, the discount will be applied to the subtotal on the final checkout screen.

5. What are you waiting for? Get popular with these designs !

NOTE: If you’re a Prime member and you don’t see the shipping update on the order page, look for a “Use this address” button and tap/click that. The order page will finish loading and shipping will update.

Restrictions and fine print:

  • Discount applied at checkout and shown on the FINAL checkout screen.
  • Offer only applies to apparel items from the Woot! Shirt category. Apparel items from other Woot! categories (like Sports & Outdoors or Home) will NOT receive the discount
  • Offer excludes non-apparel items on Woot! Shirt such as posters, blankets, and totes
  • Free shipping does not apply to international orders.
  • Minimum purchase of 2 Woot! shirts required.
  • Offer valid from January 1, 2023 at 12am CT until January 7, 2023 at 11:59pm CT.


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Happy new year!


Score! It worked on my Digital Crap tees that I had the priviledge of buying from games. I got 3 for ~$16.

Woot Woot. Looks like they are going to be collector’s items now.

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At $19 per shirt, how did you not pay $28.50?


Some t-shirts are $11.


Yes, when you win the “chance” to buy a Digital Crap tshirt when playing a game, it is $11. Turns out you can order them for $11 without playing the games and get the 1/2 off deal too!
Here is the Digital Crap link

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For what it’s worth there are also two $10 shirts that I think qualify in case anyone is interested:


It does work. The total shows as $10 for two shirts.

The green shirts will be good for wearing on St. Patrick’s Day, otherwise not a big fan of green tees.

Which shirt is that in the banner picture?

It’s this one in our Fitness Shirts event.

That explains why I couldn’t find it in the catalog. I didn’t even think to check the current sales. And on the same day someone told me I was being like @Narfcake, too. Clearly not.


Yeah, after about 3 different searches, it dawned on me that this was Fitness Week and there was an event on Shirt for that. Bingo.


I wish you’d add long sleeve kid shirts.