Buy a Bunch of Journals

Booo, I’d love some of these, but I have several unwritten in right now and it seems silly to purchase too many more.

I would totally consider buying some of these if they were sketchbooks and not journals!

I don’t need more journals in my life currently.

Not exactly priced to move, are they?
Cute, but . . .

Im surprised that they still have this many after that valentines day box they sold the other day because I’m pretty sure they were offered with the box.

That makes two of us.

Yup, but that’ll be a specific (new!) design, we’re just trying to dump inventory of other journal designs.

Are the pages ‘lined’ or ‘unlined’?

Some offer a choice, if there’s no choice, check out the “style” on the detail page and it’ll specify whether it’s lined/unlined. It’s likely small/blank if there are no options.

They’re good journals. I have two and I think I paid between $8-$12. The pages are thick so pen doesn’t bleed though, and the cover feels nice.

Dang. Every single one I want to get is already sold out. :confused:

The identity code, the watcher, playing koi, and slow and steady. Geeze. Sucks to be me.

I also really love Rainbowgeddon, but I need lines.

They have the option of blank, I think that would be like a sketchbook…

While I also already have too many journals and sketchbooks, that did not stop me from buying 7 of these. It would have been more had my favorites not sell out already.

Some girls collect an excessive amount of shoes or handbags, I seem to collect journals. They so pretty.