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Yep, did that. Saw a design I liked and clicked on it, and… the only options it had were tee or V-neck tee. What I really want is the ability to query "what designs are available in " so I don’t waste my time clicking through dozens (or hundreds!) of designs in hope of finding something.

Yeah, we don’t have a sophisticated search on our sites… like anywhere. However, if the price range high is $32, it will have some kind of hoodie. :slight_smile:

Generally speaking, though, if it’s not on a side sale on the main Shirt.Woot page then it probably just comes in T-Shirt, MAYBE V-Neck.

I don’t see where we can sort shirt.woot by price anymore. If we could bring that back it would help.

I was just about to post this. We can sort by “Most Recent” and “Best Selling” but not price. I wonder if it’s because of the variable pricing?

Just figured it out. It only lists the lowest price when you look at the catalog. It does not list a price range for items that come in styles other than t-shirt.

In a completely unscientific manner of testing I’ve observed the following when browsing the All Designs Catalog when sorted by Most Recent:

  1. Items that are in side sales will have “Woot Plus” written next to their price and a “!+” in the bottom right hand corner of the preview. I have only seen other shirt styles offered under these items BUT not all of these items have the other shirt styles offered. Some are just t-shirt.

  1. In a random sample of about 20 pages from the All Designs Catalog (370 total), sorted by Most Recent, most shirts are listed as “Printed to Order” (or “Out of Print”) next to their price. These ONLY come in T-Shirts.

So, my hypothesis is that if it is listed as a “Printed to Order” it only comes in t-shirt (classic or fitted). If it is listed as “Woot Plus” then you have a chance that it comes in additional shirt styles.

Can Woot add a filter for “Woot Plus” items since those items get a fancy bottom right hand flag and tag next to the price? Are those done automatically or is there an intern (or staffer) that has to manually create those thumbnails for each design?

Also, none related, but from my random sampling I also hypothesize that the designs with the blue corner and a t-shirt on them are past derby winners but I cannot confirm that.

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Back in the good old Woot days there used to be a sort by price and shirts were $8 - $12. Ahhhhhh memories.

I am having the same problem. Why are the classics only available in t shirts? I also wanted hoodies.

I love you for taking the time to post this easy to understand explanation!! Because if you, I was able to figure out how to order and just bought 4 shirts for less than $40! Thank you, Julie!


You’re welcome.

It happens to me all the time.