Buy Our Housewares, PLEASE!

OMG, I just had a seizure looking at all those patterns…

Can you put the metal stand in the oven?
And wouldn’t the 4-section serving dish be PERFECT for enchiladas???

15% off? Cmon Woot… you gotta at least beat the Bed Bath and Beyond coupon…

These look a lot like the Temptations line. Hmm.

Can you put these in the oven? How about the microwave?
Please advise.

Answers to questions:

Metal Stand: Don’t put that in the oven. Use it for serving.

We didn’t get much info on these but we’re figuring they can be used in the oven. We don’t have info on microwaving.

I have one of the pitchers and it says microwave safe on it.

Huh? “Napa” is about the most gawd-awful pattern I’ve ever seen, yet Woot is holding onto them for dear life with those chintsy price reductions. Somebody must be smokin’ somethin’…

TT, can you imaging the comments those wine glasses would get over on WW?

You wine snobs? It wouldn’t be appropriate for any wine style, would it? :tongue:

Microwave-safe to a point – but don’t let it get too hot. “Frequent exposure to microwaves may shorten the life of ceramic dishes and cause crazing of the glaze.”

I would thus assume that the same thing happens with ovens, since ovens always gets things hot. Unless it was maybe real low heat. :wink: But Stoneware and Porcelain are generally oven safe (unless there are decor elements added after the final glaze). Earthenware can be used carefully in an oven, but is not technically oven safe. Ceramic baking dishes should be both heated and cooled slowly. Putting it in the oven before preheating is advisable.

Ironically, all of the Napa items I’ve checked specify that they are stoneware, but do not say oven safe; whereas the Chelsea items (same vendor) do not say they are stoneware, but do specify that they are oven safe. Perhaps the Napa collection has decor elements added? Probably not, and it is probably oven safe. And the Chelsea items appear to be stoneware.

Exactly and more expensive when buying by the piece.

These things are pretty ugly. Might have to reduce the price even further to get someone to buy this stuff.