Buy Products from the US with delivery to Montreal

There is a new service that will buy products for you in the US, charges duties and taxes (up front) and then delivers to Montreal.


Try it.

i dunno, i’d like my stuff delivered to me rather than have it end up in moan-ray-al.

i dunno if former nba player reggie theus has anything i’d want anyway.

I don’t know anyone on Montreal that would hold it for me until I got there.

Do I need to move to Montreal, Canada, and then renounce my United States of America citizenship to use this feature?

Does this also mean that I’ll have to drink Molsons and watch more Hockey? Eh?

Would we be considered draft dodgers and never be able to come back to the US?

Should we start an exiled expatriate woot-shopper draft-dodging refugee camp in Canada? eh?