Buyer Beware: Shipper Requested Computer Return [RESOLVED]

Ordered computer that was shipped from California to South Florida thru UPS. After shipping, sender requested package return mid-transit and UPS confirmed shipper’s requested after item made it all the way to facility in Jacksonville, FL. I was really looking forward to receiving this product, but now it feels like I am being scammed. Nothing was changed about order and no updates have been provided. Emailed Support and waiting to hear explanation for why package was recalled by sender.

Has anyone else had an issues like this?

Edit: Removed Prime order info

There’s no promise of two day shipping with Prime, only “free” shipping. Check again.

And yes, this does happen occasionally, when they discover issues with the products. Wait for the customer service response and see what your options are.


Give customer service at least 24 hours to respond. It’s also the weekend so that may mean a delayed response. They will respond to the email address listed in your Woot account and it’s a good idea to check your spam folders.

Prime gets you free shipping on Woot, but its not 2-day. You do get expedited shipping from shirt.woot with prime.

I’m curious about what went wrong with this one. I’ve heard of damaged items being returned mid-shipment, but this is a new one to me.

(Please Note: I’m not employed by Woot, but I volunteer to help in the forums.)


Thanks for the reply. I order frequently from Woot and this happens to the one thing that I spend weeks researching and waiting for the right deal to come along. That is what makes it so upsetting to me, along with ordering this for my child to use at school and this now setting him back from having it to use now entering couple weeks into classes. Of course, this doesn’t happen to light bulbs or assorted t-shirts.

Attached tracking:


I am almost willing to bet that the wrong item was shipped


Hi there. Not sure what happened but I asked. I won’t hear back until tomorrow though.


Thanks for the reply. The only way that would makes sense to me would be if they shipped a much more expensive product. Otherwise, why not allow it to get to destination rather than cause customer issues? Right now, it seems like I am only one getting screwed in this situation.

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Thanks for looking into it. Can’t see valid reason right now for this. Even if seller made mistake, the only reasonable reason I could see for recall mid-transit would be if it was more beneficial for the seller to do so and screw the customer, rather than work it out once received.

I’m pretty sure this happened to me once and it was just a mistake on the part of the shipper and I still received the item.

There are probably a variety of reasons why this might have happened, including incorrect information. I suggest giving it some time before assuming the worst.

Just my two cents. I don’t work for Woot.

2 Likes customer support has straight lied about situation regarding computer I purchased. I checked with UPS and packaged wasn’t damaged as I was told was reason packaged was recalled mid-transit (see original thread below). The same computer has been listed since this issue for a higher price. Instead of just honoring the deal or sending me comparable product, I have been given a coupon for future Woot purchase. I don’t get why they are willing to screw a customer over what is trivial amount to Amazon.

The sad part is that I spent weeks researching and waiting for a deal to be able to buy my son a computer that he needs for school. I specifically waited for an affordable non-Chrome OS computer because my 10 year old has been going to a coding camp for the last few months and I wanted him to be able to continue learning coding at home, along with doing school work.

I know it might not be the most profitable or expensive item for Woot, but to me it was important and possibly life-changing to a kid.

Continuing the discussion from Seller/Shipper Requested Package Return In Transit:

Hi there. I’m sorry for the poor experience. It took us a couple days to get hold of the vendor and figure out what happened as we were in the dark as well. Likely the rep you talked to went with the most logical explanation - damaged in shipment.

You should have gotten an email that we were unable to fulfill the computer and that was indeed due to a pricing error.

Again, apologies for the error and cancelation.


Honestly, none of this is okay. The fact I was offered a $25 coupon is a slap in the face.

From terms and conditions:

With respect to items sold by Woot, we cannot confirm the price of an item until you order. Despite our best efforts, a small number of the items in our catalog may be mispriced. If the correct price of an item sold by Woot is higher than our stated price, we will, at our discretion, either contact you for instructions before shipping or cancel your order and notify you of such cancellation.

None of the above was done in this situation. My money was taken and held, order was processed and confirmed, and item was shipped. I haven’t asked for anything more than what was agreed to by myself and How this has been handled has led to additional expenditures and hardship on me and my family.

In order to resolve this issue, all I have asked for is to receive a comparable product at the same cost that was agreed to.

This is the same item available today that should be honored at price I paid:

Lenovo N23 11.6" Intel 64GB Win10 Notebook (Open Box) - $174.59 - Free shipping for Prime members Lenovo N23 11.6" Intel 64GB Win10 Notebook (Open Box)

Is it the same price if you use your coupon?

Nope. They gave me a slap in the face with a $25 coupon ($70 difference after coupon). If it was even close after coupon, I would be fine with it and gone on with my life.

Already taking risk buying with shoddy descriptions and questionable product info, yet I have still bought a bunch from Woot. Guess people should stick to low priced stuff and beware of being scammed or ripped off with computers.

You know that I am the first to come to your (and Woot’s) defense, but in this case… I have to side with @Wooter692400654 here. If y’all had already shipped the computer, even if the price was wrong, Bezos should have sucked it up and ate the mistake. That’s kind of shitty to get the shipper to return the item that had already been shipped because there was a “pricing error.”


Technically, they’re not the same unit, since the current listing is “open box.” Most of the time, an “open box” refurb is a new unit that the previous owner just didn’t like, so they sent it back… thus the higher price.

I would just hang in there, wait for the refurb only unit again and use your coupon. You’ll probably get it at a better price than you did the first time.

Thank you! Why do I deserve to tell my kid he isn’t getting the computer that I ordered him, while at the same time, I am being lied to about it? Now my son will be thru his third week of school today with no computer to do his work on and he gets to be the outcast. And I get to feel like a crappy father everyday having to beg an Amazon company to resolve what should be minor issue.

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And you kid will grow up with a festering hatred towards woot vowing never to shop there and devoting his life to exacting revenge.

You have made a powerful enemy today, woot.


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