Buyer Brian's Big Ass Birthday Bash

The Omega blender looks like the love child from Blendtec & Vitamix. Does it work just as good as those blenders?

I got a Blendtec myself and I love it. My buddy wants one, but is short on funds and needs one soon since he’s going to be getting his tonsils removed in the next few weeks and will be on a soft foods diet for a while.

Since he has to crouch in that picture, it would suggest that Bryan’s ass is actually rather small. Cute, but small.

Tough finding reviews for the Omega blenders. What I am finding suggests they are very good, but there does not appear to be a clear consensus on how they rate against Blendtech and Vitamix blenders. Far cheaper, though. I may be in for one.

BL630 review:


Here’s one “blender off” with the Omega BL630 against a Vitamix:


So, you hate cooking, then, Buyer Brian?
By the way, my kitchen is pink, so I can’t buy anything from this collection. It’s very pretty, but that blue fiesta steak knife collection would look heinous with my Corelle square plates with pink flowers.

I can’t believe I just watched a 30 minute blender comparison.

How long is the bread knife? Does anyone else have this one?

My Google-fu powers say that it’s 7.75" blade.

I can’t believe I did the same thing although I did skip through parts of it.
Thing is, I’m not even interested in the blender! Go figure.

Happy birthday to Brian and his ‘big ass’. :slight_smile:

UPDATE 6/24 - Toaster Oven is now $5 less than woot…$54.99 ( so I bought one new)

Happy Bday buddy, but…The toaster over in brushed stainless not only is the same price, free shipping regardless of Prime at Amazon but also is new and includes a baking tray, broiling rack and recipe book; limited 3-year warranty

Brian needs to get off his a$$ and look harder for deals :slight_smile:

Bought the waffle/omelet a couple weeks ago. My wife and son have literally used every day since! Love it.

How come there’s no photo of Buyer Brian’s big blond ass? Don’t tease us like this.

He doesn’t need an expensive high power blender. A cheap $30 blender can liquify/pureé most foods well enough for him to swallow. A food processor may be even more versatile. Or even a $10 hand blender, although the $30 set they have here is nicer. When my mom wasn’t able to eat solid food, I used a hand blender to liquify veggies enough (diluted with broth) for her to sip through a wide straw. If he’s too lazy to cook, simply open a can of soup and liquify it with a blender (normal or hand) or food processor into a drinkable shake.

FYI, the ZAK melamine bowl is NOT microwavable so don’t buy it for that purpose. Maybe the Mods can add this to the description so as not to face a load of complaints.

Here is a very informative article on melamine from the FDA. It’s generally safe, but don’t expose it to hot acidic foods.

I have an older rectangular version of the Totally Bamboo cutting board with colander. It was America’s Test Kitchen’s top pick for those with limited space (the absolute top choice was some huge chopping block that cost about $100). I agree with their assessment and love it. The removable collapsing colander is a big bonus, and I often use it without the board. The bamboo is durable and very easy to clean. This curved model improves on my rectangular version in several ways. First, it has rubberized corners, which prevent slippage and absorb vibrations (from chopping). Second, the ellipsoid colander takes up less space than my round colander. That means more board space.

FYI, ignore the myth about oiling bamboo boards. I’ve never oiled any of my bamboo boards, and don’t treat them gently, yet they’ve never chipped or splinter. I even chop on them using a large heavy Chinese cleaver. Unlike wood, bamboo boards are a composite material, made of bamboo strips and a plastic binder. That’s why bamboo utensil often have fancy geometric patterns. It also means that it won’t dry out and become brittle like wood. Asians are puzzled when they hear that Americans oil their boards. My Chinese neighbor asked why you’d want grease on the boards, attracting airborne dust and insect parts. In fact, if I remember correctly, none of my boards – including the Totally Bamboo one – said anything about oiling in the care instructions. Just use your board often, wash well and dry immediately. Never soak under water for long periods.

Can you replace the light in those Kapoosh trash cans?

Just did a yahoo search, searching out pricing and this appears to be the best price. Need to go back and look at reviews.

Does the $139.99 Cuisinart pots and pans set come with glass lids (like the picture) or metal lids (like the description?) Which set is it really? (And if it’s glass, does it really go to 500 degrees in the oven?)

I have several Totally Bamboo cutting boards and love them all! I’ve discarded all my cutting boards made of other materials. Today I finally snagged the Fiesta Steak Knives in Scarlet to match the Fiesta Knife set I got on Woot! several months ago. Also picked up the two pack of flannel bone pillows. I’ve had my current one for 4 years and it needs replacing. It’s the perfect pillow for a recliner.