Buyer Brian's Big Ass Birthday Bash

Hey Birthday Boy…

Did somebody at Woot forget to tell you that when you create a “birthday bash” you oughta drop the prices at least a little over what Woot normally sells the stuff for?

Can you use a plastic trash bag in that Kapoooooosh? I like it but would need to use bags for what I plan on putting in there. Want to make sure that won’t diminish the sanitizer. Thanks Wootville!

Waffle/Omelette Machine:
Once you have finished baking, switch rocker switch to the OFF position; remove plug from electrical outlet. Leave top lid open and allow grids/plates to cool before cleaning.
Never take your Breakfast ExpressTM apart for cleaning. Simply brush crumbs from grooves and absorb any excess cooking
oil by wiping with a dry cloth or paper towel. You may clean the grids/plates by wiping with a damp cloth to prevent staining and sticking from batter or oil buildup.
Be certain that grids/plates have cooled completely before cleaning. If batter adheres to grids/plates, simply pour a little cooking oil onto the baked batter and let stand approximately five minutes, allowing batter to soften for easy removal.
To clean exterior, wipe with a soft dry cloth. Never use an abrasive cleanser or harsh pad. NEVER IMMERSE CORD, PLUG OR UNIT IN WATER OR OTHER LIQUIDS.
NOTE: Any other servicing should be performed by an authorized service representative.

Hey guys, sounds like we’ll need to check with the vendor on Monday for answers on these questions.

Is the dude wearing a onesie (one-piece jumpsuit) in that picture?? Looks like he’s wearing some weird, blue, all-in-one outfit a 2 year old would wear at a park. Who wears matching shirt/shorts? LOL

Can the UV lamp be replaced on the trash cans?

brian must spend all his time in the kitchen at parties

i bought one of the big-ass cuisinart stock pots last time woot offered them, and i love it! it’s very well made, the blue color is deep and rich, and the pan is fairly lightweight, which is quite helpful when it’s filled to capacity.

Because Google is quicker…

Comes with a liner to be “green”
Plastic bags are a hydrocarbon which means they are a derivative of oil or natural gas. In North America, plastic bags are made from natural gas, not oil. Plastic bags will degrade but require heat or ultraviolet light (UV).

Quit worrying about the light! 7500 hours is 7500/12 cycles of use per hour (at 5 minute durations) = 30,000 cycles. Assuming a never-ending 24 hour 24 times per day = 1250 days or 3.5 years. Be honest, by then you will have replaced the batteries many times, the charging brick will be dead, the lid will have fallen off, the liner will be encrusted and sickening scum, the foot pedal will have broken and you will hate the color.

Product Features:

•Holds approximately 8 gallons
•Non-slip base keeps the unit in place on any flooring surface
•Quiet and smooth closing lid is hands-free
•UV185nm kills 99.9% of most microorganisms and bacteria
•Ozone is generated by oxygen from the air and the UV lamp
•UV lamp activates for 5 minutes after the lid is closed and activates every 60 minutes when not in use
•After 12 hours of inactivity, the activation cycle is reduced to every 4 hours
•Fan in lid circulates ozone gas
•LED indicator on lid illuminates when the UV lamp is active and blinks to indicate a low battery
•4-hour battery charge lasts approximately 5 days
•Alert buzzer beeps when the lid is not closed correctly and sounds when the lid is open for more than 10 seconds
•Includes trash can, 6V DC NiMH rechargeable battery pack (made up of 5 batteries) and 110V AC adapter

I already ordered one but thanks for the info. I can’t put the liner out for trash pick up so it’s getting a trash bag. I’d still like to know if a bag will lessen the sanitizer.

They come with glass lids that are oven safe to 350°.
The sale has been updated.

Hello! Yes, you can use trash bags, it will take 8gallon-ers. They won’t mess with the sanitation I am promised.

Unfortunately we can’t tell, really- but it seems unlikely. The light should last up to 7,500 hours.

For the trash bag info. …

Excellent. Thank you. I took a chance and already ordered it.

That’s too bad! anyone know what happens above 350?

Why wasn’t it Buyer Brian’s Big Butt Birthday Bash? :confused:

depending on what materials the glass is composed of, it could either crack into a few large pieces or shatter into many small pieces. either way, you’ll lose the lid and whatever food it was covering, and you’ll have a potentially dangerous mess to clean up. it just doesn’t seem worth it to use glass lids above 350 degrees.

in my experience, though, many recipes that call for moving something into the oven that you started on the stove use 350 as the standard temperature when a cover is required. otherwise, you could just carefully cover the pan with foil when placing it in the oven.

The issue is temperature shock. Your oven can’t get hot enough to melt glass. But if the glass is above a particular temperature and then is set on a cool surface (like your stove top or counter) then the glass could shatter.

I thought his sunglasses would be on here. Any idea where I could get them?

WOOT had the nerve to remove my negative commentary about the fact they are not selling NEW blenders as stated.

Be warned. The OMEGA BLENDERS are NOTnew items. I read the comments from the last deal and everyone received open box items. I have ordered 6 of these and they are NOT new. Customer service is a nightmare to deal with. The items come in the factory box that is OPEN, and that is within a shipping box that is open and re-sealed. The factory boxes look like they’ve been handled and dropped. Not very impressed as I cannot give these away as gifts as planned.

Woot said they would issue a partial refund for the mixup with my items. Then they came back later and said they would NOT! Reneged on their own promise. Everyone knows customer service should stand by their offers, and NOT remove negative review comments!

Stay away from this deal if you want new OMEGA blenders.

As for customer service, I have been weeks going in circles with “Kat” who is rude and unable to offer any solution. In fact, when I ask to speak to another rep or have a manager call me, she continues to reply and says “further correspondence will not be responded to”. I can’t believe Amazon, with unbelievable customer service, owns Woot.

Are donkey recipes included with every order?