Buyer Brian's Big Ass Birthday Bash

We’ve been working with you on this situation, I’ll leave this comment up, but will delete if you continue to post. This is our response from CS:

CS has determine this customer as a reseller and freight forwarder to Canada and out of the United States.
Has been provided the policy regarding Freight Forwarders:
And was provided return instructions and address as we cannot issue return labels outside of the United States.

I ordered the lasagna/roasting pan and received the chicken fryer. Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good chicken fryer. But I kind of needed a roasting pan.

Bummer, sorry about the mix-up. Have you already emailed with your order details and issue? If not, CS can get you taken care of.

I did send it in to CS already and got the response that they don’t have the item in stock. Are these kind of mix-ups common? I’ve seen a few people on the forums complaining recently.