Buyer Brian's Birthday Bash

DJI Phantom is NO Deal at all. Same price as retailers have it!

Come on WOOT, you can do better!

WHO would be DUMB enough to buy a “traveling” dog bed that weighs 90 POUNDS??

Wouldn’t that be AWFULLY hard to travel with?

Wait…maybe I better read the descripti…BRB.

3 one-star reviews on the telescope.

Ok, did you buy everything for yourself, except for Wootopoly? Ha, ha. Happy Birthday!!!

Wootopoly now down to $1.99 ?
I want my money back.
I mean, come on Woot. The most loyal customers paid full price. You’re suppose to be nice to those customers, not fill them with regret.
At the very least jack the price back up so we don’t feel so bad.

Happy Birthday Brutherford!

The DJI Phantom quadcopter has got to be the coolest thing I have ever bought from Woot! I slapped a GoPro camera on that baby and have been shooting aerial video almost every day. Only bad thing is that now I want to upgrade to a model with FPV (First Person View) so I can actually watch the video LIVE as I’m flying! THAT IS A HINT WOOT! I WANT MORE QUADCOPTERS WITH BELLS, WHISTLES AND FLASHING LIGHTS!