Buyer Eric's Movie Palace

FIRST to tell Eric that he sucks. My guess is lemons.

The Vivitek H5085 was $820 on moofi a month ago - what gives with the price?

WAY too much for a 3 year old refurb that doesn’t even do 3D.

If you have Amazon Prime. Cabin in the Woods on Blu-ray is only 7.88 there and you wont have to pay for shipping.

Great, Great movie btw. Not your typical “stuck in the woods” horror movie. Really outside the box!

Although those klipsch speakers are wired, all the photos have no wires. I guess we just use them for decoration…

Yeah, manufacturers seem to have a distaste for wires in their photos. You’ll see that quite a bit in electronics & computers.

I grabbed one of the Sony receivers a month or so ago and I have to say for a basic home theater center it works quite nicely.

The output is more than sufficient for even a large-ish room, and it has an automatic 4/8 ohm switch for speakers, so you can use either without worry.

It’s also 4K ready, which is forward-thinking of them, and the 4 HDMI inputs are also quite convenient. There are also a ton of inputs so you can accommodate your TV, game, digital audio and phono needs (if you have a phono preamp).

My gripe is mainly around the sort of ham-handed manner to manually set bass & treble levels. There are no direct knobs, so everything is done through the on-screen interface, and even then it’s a bit clumsy.

Still, for the price this is a very good choice.

The Jamo speakers sure look pretty! Here’s a link to a decent, detailed, and informative (not just audio-techy talk) review:

Page 2 has the most useful info about the sound of the speakers and what to expect from them.

I read “Movie Palace” and saw a picture of a ball on a stick… Had NO idea these were speakers lol I was thinking some sort of weird projector…

It’s way too late at night to be wooting :S

Totally love the movie selection this time around. Snatch is one of the best!

For the Roku 2 that is listed (Roku 2720XB 2 (2013 Model)), I was looking on Roku’s site and don’t see this model listed? Does that have something to-do with it being refurbished? Can someone please elaborate? Also, with this model be compatible with all Roku app channels?

Here you go.

Sometimes a suffix is added to denote refurbished.

An Amazon review indicated that there was an annoying feature of this receiver – it would display on-screen (for longer than one would like) whenever the volume has been adjusted. Can you confirm/deny this? (In perusing the manual, I was unable to determine whether this feature could be turned off.)

Thanks in advance!

Thank you!

Whats everyone’s opinion on this Roku 2 device? Is it worth the money or just drop the $$s on a new Roku 3? Thanks!

Does anyone have the Klipsch sound bar and care to comment?

If you’re looking to use the Samsung blu-ray player with apps for anything besides playing a disc, you’re gonna have a bad time.

This is the worst player I’ve ever bought. There should be some sort of a disclaimer or something. Want to pause netflix? Wait 30 secs, itll pause eventually, so long as you hit the pause button an odd number of times. Want to ff/rw? Not a chance.

It’s also possible that the wires happen to be the same exact color as the background and blend in so perfectly that they seem like they’re not there. It’s all just a big optical illusion and we’re all falling for it. If that’s the case though, are those chameleon speaker wires included with the speakers?

I guess whether the vol indication is too long is a matter of personal taste. I don’t find it to be either excessively long nor intrusive (it’s a very small black square with the vol level placed at the bottom-right of the screen). I’d say it stays on-screen for about 5 seconds at the longest - not really much longer than the built-in TV indicator, and less annoying.

And I don’t know if it can be disabled.

Overall it is a good receiver, especially for the price.

I bought a refurbished 50" Vizio LED TV and it was very poorly packaged. I opened the TV and the screen was shattered. I emailed Woot Support and haven’t heard anything back yet. I’m pretty disappointed with how bad the TV was packed up.