Buyer Hani's Glorious Bidet Sale

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Does anyone know which one of these models work the best? What about the hot water on the luxe one? Of course there is not hot water hooked up to the toilet currently, so is it better to get one that doesn’t have it? I’m sure it would be more comfortable but I don’t want to have a lot of trouble installing it.

I purchased the basic model during the last sale. The install was super easy and honestly, I don’t know how I did without one of these for so long. Don’t be afraid of the cold water. It doesn’t feel uncomfortable at all. Totally worth the cost.

I assume that hot water kill bac and clean better?

We have the 180. Absolutely LOVE our bidets. The cold water really isn’t that cold and is not uncomfortable at all. As to the other question, in order to be hot enough to kill germs, it would be too hot to use on such a delicate area!

Sorry…I answered my own question by going to the company website

hate to say it but, amazon is running a lighting deal on the 320 if you are awake! can’t beat 2 day shipping (if you have prime) at the same price after shipping here …

Bought the 180 last sale because of the self-cleaning mode, as well as the adjustable pressure handle. Decided I didn’t want to make a hole in my bathroom cabinet to tap hot water from the sink for something that I wasn’t even sure I would like.

After having used it for a couple weeks, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another one if this one breaks (not that it feels like it would, it’s pretty solid). If it did I would probably upgrade to one that replaces the whole seat, though. People seeing them for the first time might find the idea of a bidet odd, but I don’t know if I’d go without one anymore.

If anyone’s looking for recommendations, I would definitely tell them to go with at least the 180. My house has pretty hefty water pressure, so I’m happy it has the variable pressure handle as opposed to that switch which could go from “too weak” to “oh hell no”. As far as the hot water option, it’s up to you. The cold isn’t that unpleasant, but I can see where having warmer water would be nice.

I couldn’t freakin’ wash my hands today, the water was so cold – I’ll be damned if I’m gonna squirt an icicle into more tender places.

Bought 3 320s a few weeks back from Woot. Have installed all three with hot water connected.

Used the first one for a couple of weeks without the hot water. Other comments are correct; cold water is not as much of a shock to your system as one might think.

Hooking up the hot water for two of them was not difficult after drilling 3/8" hole in side of adjacent cabinet, except for having to work inside a small cabinet, that is. (Besides those cabinets needed cleaning out anyway!)

Learned on the first one that I needed to purchase flexible lines to make the new connection from the hot water tee to the faucet base long enough so that I could loop the flexible line in order to get the shortened space to line up properly. Simple trip to the hardware store solved that problem for about $8 for a 24" flexible braided stainless line. (The 2-ft length allowed for a large and gentle loop of flexible line; the operation of the faucet was not affected by this.)

Be sure that the rubber gasket is seated well in the hot water tee! Had leakage issues at installation on all three units at the hot water tee joint to the water shut off fitting. Learned to use teflon thread tape on the bottom (male) connection coming from the shut off valve to the hot water tee.

Leakage easily solved by snugging down the hot water tee as needed until leaks stopped. No problems since.

Connection to cold water and to toilet tank a piece of cake, with no problems for any of the units using the supplied flexible braided hoses.

Did have to replace one Kohler toilet seat which curved down towards the bowl in the back with one that was flat in the back in order to allow the seat to close.

My last installation was a bit more complicated as there was no sink in the small room where the toilet and shower are located. However, by ordering from Luxe a 16 ft hot water tubing as an accessory from their website (came in 2 days!), was able to drill 3/8" hole down through the floor and run the tubing through a dropped ceiling in the basement and then up to the nearest sink cabinet, whereupon a 3/8" hole was drilled in the floor and the cabinet and the tubing fed through. Connection was then as usual. Failing that a cap is supplied by Luxe to cover the hot water inlet and make the unit into a cold water only unit. This would have been fine if hooking up a hot water connection had not worked out.

Though these are usually thought of as female appliances, males will benefit too, especially if one has hemorrhoid issues. Our TP bill is dropping markedly as one does not need nearly as much paper. Your mileage may vary.

In use, with the Model 320 with hot water, one simply starts the water running in the ‘clean’ position and the temperature level positioned to hot. One can readily feel the outside of the hot water feed tube to tell when the water has warmed. At that point turn off the water, reposition the water temperature lever as appropriate and the other knob to ‘wash’ or ‘women’ or in between as needed.

In ‘clean’ mode the nozzles are cleaned along with the nozzle tubes with no spray action as the water simply drains straight down into the bowl. In ‘wash’ mode a nozzle descends and the spray is aimed more toward the…ahem…rear. In ‘women’ mode a second nozzle is aimed further forward. Ladies need to keep their legs together in use. Men don’t have that problem.

Once you use these units, you will wonder how you got along without them. They are well designed and well built with smooth operating valves and controls.

Explain to guests what these units are and how they function, particularly children.

While it is OK for guests to use the units without issue, playing with them without a person seated will cause a water jet to shoot across the bathroom. Have plenty of towels ready in that event.

Negative “Ghostrider” maybe the opposite actually… There is no way you will be able to get the water hot enough to kill bacteria.

I purchased the 180 and LOVE it! You will have to get some of the more expensive tp that is a little thicker for the after pat dry, not a problem though because you will use much less of it. Cold water not an issue at all, and I live in Michigan.

I have to run the hot water for about a minute before the warm water begins to show up, so as much as I’d like the warm water model, it wouldn’t work for me. I assume the hot water model would only work in applications where the hot water is instantly available.

Set the handle to “warm” and put the bidet in the “clean” mode while you take care of business and the water should be nice and toasty when your ready.

I had a hard time figuring out the differences between these models. Until I found this:

I’m getting 2 of the 180 models, just because it is only $3 more than the 120. But the 120 has everything I want (btw the difference between this and the 110 is self cleaning).

We purchased the 320 a month or so ago…I’ll never be without again! Installation was easy with one small hole drilled in the vanity cabinet.

Wish I had bought one long ago :slight_smile:

Well toilets don’t typically have hot water run to them, so you’d need to run the included PE hose to an adjacent sink hot water supply. All hardware is included and yes, def worth it.

Only if you set your heater to shoot scaldingly hot water to blister your insides, but to each his own.

Ditto ditto ditto!

Sorry that I waited so long to purchase this item. I bought the luxe 320, and even with the hot water hookup install took less than half an hour.
operation is simple, I either run the hot water in the adjacent sink or simply run the bidet in “clean” setting on “hot” for a minute until the water is warm. Then adjust to the warm setting before switching to wash mode.
Cleaning with a bidet has changed my life! I hate being away from my toilet. I’ll never be without one again. Hot water is not accessible near my master bath toilet…I’m considering a very expensive biobidet seat with electric heat…for about 10x the cost of this luxe unit.

a great xmas gift!

man Im upset I purchased the 120 a few days ago on woot as now the 180 is only a few dollars more and has dual nozzles my gf will appreciate. Hmm. Am I able to exchange i’m yet to receive the 120 yet.