Buyer Matt's Toolbelt Explosion

So many tools, so little time. What tools are you using these days?

Darn you to the lucky few who snagged the garage vac. I want that so bad and such an awesome price!!

Any comments/opinions on the Hitachi combo kit. I’m looking into getting a drill & driver set for some light work around the house. Thanks in advance.

I am wondering myself about getting the Black & Decker or the Hitachi combo. Who bought these during previous Woots and how pleased are you with your purchase? The B&D seems like the way to go because it has everything in a set, perfect for someone getting his own place shortly. Any thoughts?

thinking of buying B&D set too. has anyone tried it before? all good?

I bought the Hitachi Set in a previous Woot for light stuff around the house and am happy with it. It is a much better set than the Black and Decker, but is also more expensive, almost double the price. The Hitachi uses newer and better battery technology, Lithium-ion, as opposed the Black and Decker which is Ni-Cad. The Hitachi set uses a fixed 1/4 inch chuck, similar to a screwgun, so you either have to buy these bits, or get an adjustable chuck. These adjustable chucks are pricey at home improvement stores, around $30, but you can get one online at duratool for about $5.00. The flashlight in the Hitachi isn’t nearly as bright as the one in my friend’s Dewalt set, but it is very functional. Overall, I think it depends upon your needs and budget. I think Hitachi makes better tools than B and D, but the B and D set is about half the price. I like quality so I bought the Hitachi set. They are lightweight, use better battery technology, have good reviews, have a handy LED light that illuminates the area I am looking to drill, and are more than adequate for my homeowner needs. I hope that helps.

I am a journeyman carpenter, and use these things daily. I can tell you that, in the relatively short time this technology has been available, the Hitachi has become the industry standard (at least here in Wisconsin). It’s what the pro’s use.

WAIT!!! The B&D set is often on sale at Home Depot (sometimes even on a Woot Community Deal) for about $30-40.

This is a nice home-set, but the drill, although using the same 18V batteries as the FireStorm series, does NOT have the same “Umph!” power as the FireStorm 18V drill.

It also includes a charger that plugs into the drill handle with a little round power jack. There is no separate battery charger.

It’ll drill well for hanging pictures, etc. But I don’t use it for making furniture or building structures.

Seriously… I need a taller ladder.

Agreed I bought cheeper a few years ago! Wish I never had…
It’s ok in a pinch if I have to do somthing that involves light drilling. The battery takes a while to charge and never holds a charge long enough for one task…
I have been spoiled by using makita tools at work. (15 min charges and steady alignments)

I would not wish this b&d upon any one! It only causes frustration!