Buyer Susan Invites You To Dinner

In the American Atelier Mojave series, what is the oz. capacity of the bowls?

Duralex. Picardie tumblers. 7.5 oz. Please?

The Gabrielle sets are 24oz.
All other sets are 26 ozs.

Umh, huh? Whatcha asking?

Cleaning dried egg yolk from those scalloped plates would be a snap…as in the sound the dish would make as you scrub it.

I bought the Wallace Parker flatware 92-piece set last time woot offered it. LOVE it! Heavy weight, good balance, smooth finish with no rough edges like cheap flatware sets sometimes have.

Get a lot of compliments on it. People are shocked when I tell them how little I paid for this set. I use it every day, so one of my best woots ever!

I suspect they really long for the smaller size.
LOVE my Picardi set, just like in every French bistro. Great for cold drinks and layered hot coffee drinks like macchiatos.
The Lys plates, on the other hand, quickly scratched up.