By Craps Be Driven

Yep. Same here.

FINALLY i got one
I got scared for a second, cause I also ordered one of the micro SD cards, and after processing I only saw that and I was thinking “oh no, did I really miss out again”
But lo and behold, both are shown as “preparing for shipment”

FINALLY. Now I can stop spamming the woot servers.
…and to wait on spectacular crap.

what’s up with the server error?

not freaking cool!

it also booted me, so I had to log back in else I may have had a second chance at an error message.

I almost had it, but got a message “Hey save some of the rest of us”. Not sure why I got this because I haven’t been able to buy any of the Bags of crap today. What is going on Woot?

After vowing never to come back to woot after the crapvent fiasco, I landed a bag o’ crapola after only my second attempt today.

Fukubukuro and a BOC in the same week… not bad.

With 6…yes 6…sold out ones in my cart, I am asking myself the same question!

I get to the proceed to checkout button and they sell out from underneath me. Sad, sad day.

I have tried 3 times and even thou I’m signed in it makes me try to sign in again. WTF.

By my count, that’s 51 Bags of Crap. Just over an hour left, I wonder how many there will be.

I’ve had 11 in my cart now, & I delete them after getting 3 or 4 in there. I hear it confuses woot to have too many sold-out BOCs in your cart…

I have 10 in my cart. So much for my theory the 11th is the charm.

My theory was correct! Got the next one!