Bye Bye, Bacon!

Oh Boy, a side sale I’m bound to go broke on. I’m doing a bacon theme for my brother for Christmas, and look what shirt.woot does! DRAT! There goes my paycheck!

Ah, a sure sign that the weather is about to change: woot is offering pull-over hoodies and long-sleeved tees again.

Haha Six Degrees of Deliciousness was one of my first shirt.woots. I remember when I first saw it I thought “how do they know my first name?” then it clicked, I felt like an idiot, and I bought it.

Ah woot. You offer us the last, but logical step in the bacon chain. No more wrapping meats, various fruits, or even chocolate in bacon. Today, we wrap ourselves in bacon. Nicely done woot, nicely done.

Thanks Shirt.Woot for re-issuing “Motivation” and now also in long-sleeve! Awesome!

Oooh, Which Way to Bacon Town apron will be perfect in my future ApeLad-design-themed kitchen!

(And while I’m certain that woot’s decision to offer this as an apron had nothing to do with my suggestion, it still made me smile!)

I have an “Lucky Pig” t-shirt in AA WL. I’ll sell it for $12., trade, OBO! Please PM me if you’re interested!

i love that lovely pig t shirt too,

Bring back the BLT tote!

Is it wrong that I have 2/3 of these shirts!!!

Awesome. My son loves his “Death Served Til Noon” shirt but he’s starting to out grow it. So many people have done double takes when he wears it.

Maybe I should buy multiples in different sizes…

Does this mean you are going to start banning Bacon from the derby, Woot?

Uh Oh! The eternal question for us in MN now, Tees or Hoodies? I want Death Searved Til Noon, probably in a tee-but I’m not sure…it’s already in the low 50’s this week at night.

There’s nothing I like more than a Hooded Sweatshirt and Bacon!

Sadness and grief… I guess the “some pig” shirt didn’t qualify as sufficiently bacon-themed. I’m still kicking myself for missing that one.

As the season changes, does the type of t-shirts change as well?

Summer = thinner?

winter = heavier?

Im not much a fan of the whole bacon craze, but the Kevin Bacon shirt is toooo funny.

so baconbits and narwhal nation at the same time…

I want to visit the bacon FREE zone for obvious reasons!

I believe I will boycott shirt.woot until they bring back the most important food ever sliced. Bacon. Shame on you Woot. Shame.