Bye Bye Clog Super Plunger

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Bye Bye Clog Super Plunger
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I’m so happy this is not a refurb !!! Selling a refurb would be a poopie idea.

I agree :slight_smile:

Even though your joke is lame, this item is a piece of crap !
It sprays all over the place when you use it !
The bulb used to pressurize this this doesn’t do squat,…ya gotta use the pump, but then the bulb doesn’t seat at the bottom of the toilet, allowing water to spray all over the place !
Do yourselves a favor…buy a good plunger and leave this to people who don’t mind being sprayed with backed up toilet water !!

Does it nueter as well?

As a plumber this thing is just good for getting yourself a face full of what you’re trying to get to go down the drain. On top of that if the clog is further down the drain on a toilet you will blow out the wax seal that seals your toilet to the pipe and then it will leak.

Appreciate the tip. What plunger would you recommend? We got a toilet that frequently gets clogged when too much TP is used.

i clog toilets frequently…and have found this plunger to be the best:


Ropump Super Plus
Available at the mothership
Info also at

Bidets come up on here fairly often - get one of those, and your TP usage should drop to almost zero. Bidets / washlets are awesome, public sentiment to the contrary :slight_smile:

Buy a Ridgid closet auger. You’ll never use a plunger again…

You Wooters are full of :poop: STOP the clogging !!! For the love of God please eat more ruffage! BTW the thought of getting sprayed by toilet juice made me throw up! !!!:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

I second the motion on the bidet.

Dishwashing liquid and a little cling wrap for the win on clogs.

Changing a bad habit is cheaper than buying a product to fix problems that the habit creates. It IS possible to effectively clean oneself and not clog a toilet. Maybe you have to change paper brands, or maybe there is another problem somewhere in the plumbing.

A slow drain can make it harder for the Porcelain Throne to eliminate your elimination. A bad valve in a toilet that uses one instead of a flapper will also make it harder to go down.

Best place to start is change the iseage habits. If it is children that are creating the problem maybe make them fix it so they will learn to not have the problem.