Bye Bye Clog

Nothing like blowing up your plumping.

Oh yeah, push those towels further down the sewer line… Go from one toilet being plugged to the whole house backing up. If something like this is stopped up in the toilet still just pull the toilet. You just took an easy repair and turned it into, at minimum, a $500 roto-rooter repair.

Ok, so what would you guys think about using this in a (totally hypothetical, I swear!) situation where an ~8" pencil was flushed down but is stuck somewhere in the tubes? Asking for a friend, or for science, whatever :slight_smile:

My wife said she could think of other uses for me…

Go pick up a Toilet Auger/Closet Auger (Toilet Snake.) You should be able to get a quality used one cheap aka $10-$20. In order of where you’d find one cheapest to most expensive - GoodWill, Pawn Shop, Harbor Freight, Northern Tool, BLowes/Home Depot. A decent thick one should snap that pencil and break up anything stuck to it easy.

Seems like too many steps and too many parts to keep up with for the average consumer…and useless for a professional. Might(?) be worth a try for $10-20. Would love to hear feedback from users!

Tried to find reviews on it… nowhere to be found even on Amazon…odd! Any one have any links?

The bulb pump part that fits in the toilet… is totally useless !
I tried to use the included hand bulb pump, but it did not provide any movement on the pressure gauge sufficient to operate the the unit !!
The hand bulb part that looks like a blood pressure bulb, can’t build any pressure… mainly because the air leaks out at the connection as was observed by the bubbles continually coming from it, no matter how hard I tightened it !
The large round connection works a little better…once seated tightly in your toilet, I used the hand pump …which generates a lot of pressure…Only draw back,…if it’s not seated just right,…the water blasts back in your face !!!
I kinda solved that…once I had the seal seated as best I could and I had the unit pumped with air, I draped a towel over the seat and let’r rip !
It got rid of the minor flow problem, but this item is really a JOKE !!!
Especially for the price !
I’m gonna see if they’ll let me return it !!

First of all… pawn shops and Good Will will NOT take your used toilet snakes. lol.

This product is laughable. The website and video has very horrible English and one of the only 2 (5 star) “reviews” on says “Love this clog”…

I bought my plumber’s snake from a thrift store.

Won’t work. The pencil won’t make it through the bend of the trap in your bowl. Only way it’s coming out is if you take the toilet up and try to snake it from the bottom and push it back out the way it came in. Even then it might not since the pencil is slim and the snake can go right by it.

As a plumber I think that if you have a clog in your pipe and use this it will blow your wax seal out that seals the toilet to your pipes. Even if it’s a clog in the toilet it could but I think it definitely would if the pipes were clogged.