Bye Bye Clog

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Bye Bye Clog
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Watch out for those strong chemical compositions!

Heh! I got a C in compositions.

I wonder if anyone really knows how well this thing works on poop clogs and sink drains filled with hair.

This thing is a joke !!!
I bought one last go round…The bulb at the end…Usless,…as it’s almost impossible to get it to seat in the bend in the toilet to form a seal !
The bulb that’s supplied to pump air… is also…USELESS,…as it can’t pump up enough pressure to do anything !
On the other hand, the air pump gives you an Extreme amount of pressure, but not with the bulb that fits in the toilet ! As I said , that bulb at the bottom,…worthless !
I did find, that using the larger of the orange disks provided, if seated tightly at the bottom of the bowl, can give the clog a good nudge, butttttttt,…if ya don’t keep a towel over the toilet seat,…you’ll get sprayed with whatever is in the bowl !!!
Do yourself a favor…buy a Really Good plunger for $10 dollars !!!

Thank you!

I thought that the bulb was just to put a seal on the toilet - not to actually pump up with pressure. I’ve used the canned pressure clearers (power plumber) but at $15-20 a can - i figured this was more cost effective. Do these work as well as those Aerosol products?

I don’t trust my plumbing connections under the sink for this thing. Just look at how the toilet in the video jolts from the pressure. Might very well clear the clogged sink, but I suspect I’d be rebuilding all the pipes underneath.

There are 2 Bulbs !
Look at the picture again !~
As I said, the bulb at the top is useless for pumping in air, and the bulb at the bottom is useless, as is does not bend to form a seal !!

At a minimum, a lot of pressure could crack the flimsy wax ring that seals the toilet-plumbing connection.

No reviews anywhere to be found and, apparently (from web searching), also not sold by any reputable sellers? No thanks.

What a gimmick.

Proper use of a plunger would be just as effective.

The demo video is a joke - they make no attempt to form a seal against the toilet with the traditional plunger. They might just as well have swished a chopstick in the toilet.

The wax ring is located downstream from a clog in the toilet. If you have a clog downstream from the toilet where it could apply pressure to the wax ring, you have a more serious clog.

Especially since the size of the waste pipe downstream from the toilet is far larger than the passageways inside the toilet.

But can I use it to clear my clogged sinuses…

In case you missed it…


One other thing…

In the video included on the product page, they are shown adding a number of different things known to stop up a toilet…except, they are put into the pipe DRY. There is no water, there is nothing coating those clean, DRY pipes to hold onto a clog. In such perfect DRY conditions, it wouldn’t take much to clear the pipe.

But seriously, this thing looks fun as heck…ready to shove random stuff down my toilet and push the button.


My cousin takes dumps the size of an MLB baseball bat minus the handle. Would this work getting it down the drain or would he still need to chop them up?