Bye Bye Clog

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Bye Bye Clog
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What…what even is this? Is this supposed to be a plunger? How much more complicated can it get? Does it connect to Wi-Fi too??

Be careful. I used to work at a place that sold something similar. We had a large number of complaints about people blowing out their pipes from the pressure. If you have old pipes this might not be a solution for you.

If you need something like this on a recurring basis, you’re doing it wrong. Get a note to the milkman, ‘No More Cheese!’

Bluetooth LE. Wi-Fi is old hat.

But if it ever drops below $15 or so, it might be fun to play with other uses for the triggered air valve, and cheap air storage tank.


Every now and then I have to blow out my air conditioner pan drain in the attic. I have been using a lever type gun thingie that has little co2 type canisters that contain the pressure to blast the clogged dust and other deb re out of the small drain tube. These little canisters can be expensive and are disposable - wondering it this thing has the ability and small enough adapters to fit the opening of the a/c drain tube? Thanks for any replies :slight_smile:

I doubt it. It takes a strong burst to clear the condensation line and you couldn’t do that with a toilet or you would end up with a face full of toilet water.

Better be sure you know how to tell if it’s your toilet clog or your drain line. If it’s your drain line you will low out the wax seal that seals your toilet to the pipes.

Worst penis enlarger I’ve ever tried.

That. Is Giganta’s vibrator. Hopefully not a refurb.

I would hope that your air conditioner isn’t integrated with your toilet. LOL
Re-read the post you replied to. He’s asking about his air conditioner drain line… I would think the answer to his question would be yes, however I don’t have personal experience with this device.

Stop sniffing glue… Just don’t start today.

Tell that to George Zipp!

Reviews are negative and confirm this thing is likely to blow out your plumbing by putting too much pressure on your drain line leading to the clog. Keep in mind that unlike water lines drain lines are not put together to handle much pressure. Best to stick to a drain snake, the good old plumber’s helper, or one of the enzyme gels.

Fraternity pledges everywhere are frightened by this thing!

Does this include the adapter for potatoes or do we have to make one ourselves?

I just want to say the comments on this product thread have restored my faith in humanity today. Thank you.

You would be much better served with an inexpensive 2.5 gallon ShopVac, around $30 at home and garden stores. The nozzle fits your drain line outside and does the job quickly and no fuss in just a few minutes. After that you just keep an occasional eye on the drain line to make sure it is dripping when the AC is running.

I would have to very much agree that this should be used with caution. The chance of popping a drain line apart is a possibility. Drain lines are not designed for much pressure.

Maybe… fill it partially with water & squirt around corners??