Bye Bye Clog

It’s also a good idea to pour a cup of bleach or vinegar down the pipe every couple of months or so. This will break down the stuff growing in the pipe and clogging it.

Every time I see the commercial for a similar product, I think about this. Even if you have a brand new house, I think using a product like this would quickly weaken all the plumbing connections to the point where they will eventually get blown out. Sometime brute force isn’t the best solution!

I’ve been told by a number of A/C techs that one should run about a cup of pure bleach down that drain line every month to kill any bacterial growth that can clog it.

Thanks for posting a completely useless video with no additional information. Just like Woot . .

Thank you!

Why would you want to get rid of clogs? They are great shoes. A few splinters, but what the heck.

I have a similar item that I used on myself to try and cleanse my inners before a colonoscopy. I thought I could avoid drinking the required large amounts of liquid. Fail, cannot recommend.

Bye bye hard earned money!!.