Bylt - Vehicle Heads Up Display w/ OBD II Port


this thing is sold under half a dozen different names. chinese junk im assuming?®-Display-ASH-4C-BT-Diagnostic-Projected/dp/B00N4OGGYS

Not to mention it’s cheaper on Amazon.

I would like to get one of these. Because of my height and seating position I can never see the speedometer when driving. Have to dip my head unsafely. Probably won’t though, as inserting anything into our ODB port means we bang our knees into it. I’ll just have to keep being the drinking bird of the road.

If you’re mechanically inclined you might look at your ODB port and see if it can be unbolted from the panel and tucked away allowing you to plug something into it and keep both the port and the wires behind the dash and route the wire out elsewhere. Just a thought, sometimes the port and the cable that leads back to the control modules is just mounted with two screws or bolts.

This kind of junk screams to me to buy it! :smiley:

All cars should have digital speedometers instead of the useless, but fun to look at, arbitrary “gauge” for speed.

I don’t see (in this spec sheet at least) if it’s adjustable for only imperial, or if it still has the mixed imperial/metric that the specs and photos show.

(shows liters, shows km a lot, etc)

I use the droid app torque, and a cheapie odb bluetooth adapter.

Yes it is convertible both imperial/metric. I think a few of the other units that sell cheap on Amazon are not convertible.

That is a cheap solution, but it doesn’t project on the windshield.

why would my husband need a speedometer that flashes on his window, that tells him when he’s speeding… He has me for that! And much to his dismay, I am harder to ignore :slight_smile:

I’m going with

No one is concerned that the OEM speedometer pictured is at 0 MPH and the Heads Up Display is at 58 MPH?

So am I bought the Navdy a year ago. But who cares they havent delivered the product.

Its even cheaper on Ebay.

I have Garmin HUD (around $79 from other website), and thought this will be good, too… But after reading reviews on Amazon, decided to pass.

This should be a Quality post. hes dead on the money here.

Brilliant! Might just do that. I’ve got a Bluetooth OBD scanner I wanted to keep plugged in but it was hitting knees. And now maybe this.

Went on a 3 hour drive last night and once again I was drinking-bird bobbing til the cruise got locked in…

My wife got this for me as a Christmas present two years ago. It died before the next Christmas.

Would not recommend. I don’t think they handle temperature extremes. It lived exclusively in the upper part of the South East in the United States.

I don’t need it, I’m short (barely 5’ 2") but I have no problem visualizing my dash by moving the steering wheel with the push of a button. Same when my husband drives my car, he’s a foot taller and adjusts to his height.

Actually, the Droid app looks great to me if you need it. A creative post for an inexpensive app with a 4.6 star rating by a large population.

If it’s cheaper elsewhere, why are you people beating it up here? I’m done buying overpriced junk on here with poor customer service. Go buy it on Ebay or Amazon.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

Sounds as if you got a lemon or left it out in the sun too long.

Get something like this and put the actual box somewhere else: