Bylt - Vehicle Heads Up Display w/ OBD II Port

i’m in nevada, the dash gets extremely hot in the summer…in what temp range will this unit work?

You can get an ODB II scanner on Amazon that has Bluetooth for about $9. And…ding ding…most free apps have heads-up capabilities. Probably will be banned for letting you know how woot is screwing you…

Yeah but sucks to have your phone on the dash. You can’t access music, directions, etc. If you are okay with not being able to use the phone, then fine.

I got one. Still in the box. Didn’t work with my car & WOOT WILL NOT TAKE IT BACK! So I am out of 40 bucks. Out of the 100 or so sales items I have bought from woot over 11 years, they burn me for just one. Sad, but that is life.

Any idea why it will not work in your car?

enough said.

I purchased one of these a while back, and have had fun watching the extra info streamed across my windshield… However it wasn’t soon after that I noted the lock and unlock buttons on my key fob seemed to not work so well anymore. In fact I had to be standing next to the front doors to get them to function. Changed the fob battery, no better. Ok maybe a fluke I thought, changed battery again, still no better! I lived with it for a while till one day I was thinking about it, the only new change I’d made to the car was this gadget sitting on my dash… So I disconnected it. Strangely, the range of use returned on my key fob! Suddenly I could lock my car again from more than a foot away!

This item is great for troubleshooting issues, just don’t leave it plugged in all the time.

Should be fine in the sun.

OBDII scanner is different device.

Wow that’s very interesting? Haven’t heard that one before! What kind of car?

Happens in my 2015 Nissan Titan as well. I think it is to make sure you disconnect it while away from the car as is draws on the battery.

I held the button for five seconds then slid right until MPH/KPH was selected and i switched to MPH. Other than that the unit was good to go out of the box, i especially like using this at night.

I didnt need to use the included reflective screen as my car’s (cadillac XTS) windshield seems to reflect fine without the film…

I ran the wire discretely between the dash panels. Holds nicely and hides the wire.

Cool item!

Works well for me in Texas!

The OBD port didn’t push the data the way the thing wanted it. So it didn’t work. Nothing I tried worked. So I called Woot and they said I was SOL.

2010 Mercury Milan

Would the back of the unit take Velcro ™? Am thinking of attaching this to my face to use inside my motorcycle helmet.

I think Duck Tape ™ might work better

Not really. What are you referring to?