Bylt - Vehicle Heads Up Display w/ OBD II Port

RUN AWAY!!! I bought this the last time it was on here. Needless to say it didn’t work properly-wrong display, nonsense numbers on the display, etc. So I contacted BYLT on FOUR different occasions to ask if they could assist me with a refund or another display that I could try. They didn’t’ bother to respond-ever. So I contacted WOOT for some help—elusive as a BOC. To this day my BYLT is a pile of CRAP in the garage. I’d say detour around this at all costs… unless they’ve changed everyone in their customer service department. What a disappointment. Avoid! AVOID!!!

These things tend to come preprogrammed to metric. Were the wrong numbers by chance KM/hr? Usually you just have to go into settings to adjust.

I have one of these and it works, mostly. It consistently shows the speed 1-3 MPH over the cars actual speed (as reported by both the car and another OBD device). It can’t be seen during the day at all, the reflections off all of the LCD makes it all but impossible to read. At night it works great (as long as I mentally subtract a couple MPH).

Beware… The REFLECTION on the windshield cannot possibly be LARGER than the display! PHOTO IS MISLEADING…

Have you ever been to the movies?!?

Speed offset can be changed. Read the instructions. Units are metric, that cannot be changed. Display size depends on distance from reflector.

How well does this survive being on the dash in the middle of summer? Or do you fine folks that have this remove it when you park? But then why bother?

I believe the only units that can’t be changed from metric to US are the ones for fuel consumption. Speed and water temp should be fine.

When you shine a flashlight on your wall from six feet away, is the circle of light larger then the flashlight’s lens, or the same size?

Also, what happens to the light when you shine the flashlight at an angle?