Byrds Cookie Extravaganza

Are the cookies crispy or chewy? I shall not part with fundage if said cookie is made of large chunks of dust and gravel!

I’d say in the middle…

They’re not crispy like Chips-Ahoy but they’re not moist like a homemade cookie fresh out of the oven.

Definitely not dry. I love them and spend way too much money at their shop in Savannah each time I’m there.

How long will these stay fresh for? If I buy them now will they be stale by Christmas? Will you have another sale on them closer to the holidays for us?

These yummy cookies are fresh made and will be good for about 9 months if kept sealed.

I got the Red Velvet cookies and the Cheddar Pecan biscuits on here a few times back, and let me tell you…THESE THINGS ARE REALLY, REALLY, REALLY GOOD. Addictive.

I wish woot would just sell the “By the pound” bagged refills for these jars though, I already have 4 of the jars around here, and I’m resorting to going right to Byrd’s website to buy the refills because I don’t want/need/cantgiveaway any more of these jars.

My thoughts exactly, Chewy or Crispy? Need chewy cookies, my wife makes plenty of crispy (burnt).

I need to know this too. I dislike hard cookies. Although with shipping I don’t know how they could keep them chewy without some kind of unholy chemicals.

Take a look at ThunderThighs’ post above.

It appears that one of the offers is for 4 bags of refill cookies.

I’ve had the key lime and they are definitely hard, but not in a bad way. Covered in nice powdered sugar. Mmmm. Just dip them in a little milk :slight_smile:

Some form of liquid sugar is all it takes to keep a cookie from being hard so it’s quite possible these are not full of nasty chemicals. But I have no way of knowing.
Edit: After looking at the ingredients for the sugar cookies I’m going to hazard that these are hard but on the crispy rather than the rock hard of a packaged cookie. It’s more than likely going to melt in your mouth but you will have to bite it. But definitely not chewy.