Byrd's Cookie Onslaught

The cookies were delicious! But don’t wash the jar in the dishwasher,the lettering came off!

I’m surprised Rogetray hasn’t depleted the entire stock! :slight_smile:

I love these cookies. My son goes to college in Savannah so we stop by their store in the spring & fall.

I’m so tempted! Especially since Shortman mentions these a lot! Which ones would anyone here recommend?

Key Lime are wonderful and what they’re known for. My son likes the triple chocolate.

I have the Key Lime / Georgia Peach set sitting in my cart!

That helps a lot! :slight_smile: In my mind, it validates cookie buying! haha!

Worse tasting cookie I ever tried. Super dry. I actually threw them away. My wife and daughter only ate a couple, they didn’t like them either.

At $30.00 a pop, I would have expected something much better. I'll stick to my Chips Ahoy.

Georgia Peach is good too. Got those in September.

And per the post above, yes, they are a dry cookie by design.

I’ve tried Scotch Oatmeal, Key Lime Coolers, Chocolate Macaroon, Georgia Peach, Almond Shortbread, and Fruit & Nut.

Scotch Oatmeal remains my favorite. It has just the right amount of chewiness and so very much satisfies my craving for texture.

The Key Lime Coolers felt like they were melting in my mouth. I like very much for the “cooling” effect they have on my mouth.

Byrd cookies are all dry. It’s the nature of the kind of cookie they make. I like each of the varieties I’ve had.

I won’t be buying any more yet, because I bought a little too much last time and I’m not quite done with them yet. And I’ll be baking some of my own cookies this weekend, way too many, hopefully I can unload some on friends.

I wonder if Rogetray and the office have finished off the Byrd Cookies I sent to him. I bet they were gone a week or two ago.

Much like this pic:

We ate nearly all of them within a couple of days.

Someone in the office is bound to get the dreaded Cookieitis. It’s probably gonna be me.

Thanks again for the wonderfully deliciousness of those cookies!

Still trying to figure out how to repay…

maybe Barrel of Cookies?!?! :slight_smile:
(not BOC, I mean a LITERAL barrel of cookies…)

Ha ha. Oh Rogetray, you’ve done more than enough already. I’m sorry I wasn’t around yesterday to pester you to do the game for us. I spaced out and forgot to check in.

So I bought the Lime/Peach combo but got Lime/Red Velvet. I email CS, but they said there are no replacements and offered a partial refund.

Since there are no replacements and I didn’t want to return them, I’ve opened a package of Key Lime and they are SO GOOD! :slight_smile: I understand now!

I’m grateful I ordered the small packets so it limits how many I eat in a sitting or I would have plowed through the jar in no time at all!

They knew you should try the Key Lime?

Sorry your order got messed up though. :frowning:

It’s ok! I just tried the Red Velvet and they are good too!

I’ll just have to try for the Georgia Peach the next time!

Oops. I was looking back at my orders and only just noticed that I had ordered the key lime/georgia peach combo and received key lime/red velvet also. I should probably pay more attention to what I buy in the future. Anyhow, I agree that the key lime is super tasty. The red velvet is just ok.