Byrd's Cookies: Jars & Refills

On the Byrd’s website the cookies are 15.95 a lb. Not sure how Woot got an original price of 40.00 for the 2 lb refills.

It might be including the $8.95 shipping.

I LOVE BYRD COOKIES! I stopped at their place in Savannah, GA in June and bought a zillion cookies. I’m upset that they don’t have the blueberry in this sale. Those were awesome. We also loved the Key Lime, Triple Chocolate, Chocolate Chip, and Sugar Cookies. Yummmmmmmm.

Cheddar pecan biscuits on their website. Sounds like a cookie to die for!

Hey, TT, the Woot description for the Benne Wafers is incorrect. Someone at Woot grabbed the description for the Benne Bites, which has cheddar, and posted it as Benne wafers, which does not.

Hmmm. Thanks. I’ll send that on for correcting!


The “pick 2 cookie box” is listed on the website for $40. They ship you those in a gift box. Either way you still get a great deal! Personally love the chocolate chip–and the chocolate mint!

Thank you for the review. I’m considering buying them as gifts in the jar.

Thank you TT for your review too. I live North and have never tasted these. With great reviews I’m in for a few for gifting.

The description for the triple chocolate cookies (NOT the mint chocolate) says they are infused with peppermint oil. Did you get them mixed up with the mint chocolate? The ingredients list doesn’t include peppermint oil.

These cookies are dangerously good. You can not eat just one or two. It is not possible.

Hmmm. I’ll send that off for checking too.

Update: and it’s fixed. No peppermint in the Triple Chocolate Chip.

Anyone have a nutrition info link handy?

I have visited Savannah many times since I live in Georgia. For “gourmet” cookies (you know, the ones you pay more than $5 for), the key lime cookies are probably the best things I’ve ever tasted. Really. And I don’t love key lime. But they are legitimately cookie crack. That’s how good they are. Small, but a taste explosion. I really can’t explain how good these things are. This is a legit, high-quality, Southern legendary cookie. Byrd has been around a long time and is well known. Hope this helps for those of ya’ll on the fence.