Byrds Cookies: Ripe For Clicking

So basically, you pay about the same price for 1 lb of cookies and a jar as you do for 2 lb of refills. Seems like a better deal to just get the refills and forget about a jar.

Anybody know if these are any good? Never heard of them.

I’d like to know too. I’m sadly interested in the red velvet.

Yes. These are good cookies, and a good company. These are from my hometown of savannah, GA.
NOTE: These will be more on the crispy side, not soft and chewy.
The key lime is what they are known for.

They’re absolutely some of the best cookies (think wedding type cookies) I have put in my mouth. Key Lime is the best. I confess, I dream about them sometimes. The whole company is very Savannah and very Southern (they do tours if you’re ever in Savannah.) And, if you must have provenance, then just know that Sak’s sells them.

I ordered the cups of these last year and was overjoyed. They are wonderful cookies! I just got this mixed batch today, and I have to say that I am a little ticked. I realize these travel to get to me, but it really bothers me that there are so many crushed cookies (and cookie dust) when I paid $30 for four very small bags. This will probably be my last Byrds cookies. :frowning: