Byrd's Cookies

Reading online reviews has convinced me not to bother trying these for the price.

Even at a discount, I just can’t bring myself to pay $15.00 per lb. for cookies. Mostly cause, I make pretty good cookies.

same price on the site, so not much of a deal unless shipping is less,

Yeah, to be fair, the cookies themselves weren’t that delicious. If this is the one I’m thinking of, the value for me came out of the cupcake ceramic tins they came in.

Unfortunately, you won’t get that here.

These cookies are not cheap. But, especially the key lime version, are some of the best cookies you will ever consume. If the GF version (they have GF in Key Lime and Choc Chip) were on here, I’d order. Since I live just a few miles from the bakery, I’m not really missing out cuz I can get 'em any time. Well worth the price for the ultimate cookie craving!

I don’t know about the other varieties, but their key lime cooler cookies are fabulous

I love these oatmeal cookies. I’ve had the Key Lime, Georgia Peach, and Almond Shortbread and like them too. I’m currently avoiding sweets, so there is no room in my diet for these now. They are so tempting though.

I’m in Savannah and I have to say that Byrds cookie company is an overpriced tourist trap with mediocre cookies…

I wasn’t impressed at all the last time I tried them.

Buy a mix, they’ll taste better.