ByronStatics Portable CD Player Boombox

ByronStatics Portable CD Player Boombox

Literally every single review attributed to this product is about a completely different product (mostly a mini CD player with earphone).

Hi there. That’s because there’s 9 products listed on the same Amazon page and the reviews are mixed together.

Aaaaaand… you don’t think that fraudulent labeling is worthy of correction even once Woot is explicitly aware of it?

Fraudulent labeling? We don’t control Amazon or 3rd parties that list on their site.

Woot chose to include review stats in Woot’s listing that Woot acknowledges as bogus. Hence fraudulent.

Woot could instead use the boilerplate “This product has not been rated yet.” language. It may or may not be true, but it isn’t deliberately misleading like the current 4+ star rating that Woot knows is undeserved.