C and T Cellars Double-Duo



C & T Cellars Double-Duo
$49.99 + $7.00 shipping

condition: Red & White
2 C&T Cellars 2005 Rooftop Red Cabernet Sauvignon
2 C&T Cellars 2006 Skinny Dip Sauvignon Blanc

(hyperlinks are to Cellartracker)

Very little representation in Cellartracker (had to add the Rooftop vintage and the entire Skinny Dip wine).

Winery price is $14 for the SB and $20 for the Cab ($68 before s/h for this woot).


double your pleasure…
from C&Ts order form:
2006 Skinny-Dip Sauvignon Blanc 12/750ml $14 / $168
2006 Patio Pinot 12/750ml $22 / $264
2005 Rooftop Red Cabernet 12/750ml $20 / $240


Now that’s a surprise!

And it took me a while to locate the C&T Cellars Website, but I did.

The wines – with tasting notes in PDF – are here.

Funny, I was just thinking about Sauvignon Blanc this weekend. Had a very nice and surprisingly full-bodied one with Mongolian food.



Well, I didn’t last long on this one. In fact, I had to break out my newly aquired 2nd identity.


What the heck, it’s been a while since my last woot, and I’ll risk the summer shipping. I’m in for 2.


Now the only question is how many sets?..



Looks like a batch of two nice Napa Wines. Anyone been to the winery or tried these wines?

In for 1!



20$ / bottle for the rooftop red, and 14$ / bottle for the skinny-dip sauvignon blanc. 18$ off of retail plus the excellent 7$ shipping price, not a bad deal as always! In for one for sure, maybe two!


I wonder what the alcohol content of these wines are. I can’t seem to find the info on the sparse website…


C & T Cellars Double-Duo
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I was just wondering …
Who is mill and why is he/she nearly always the first wooter to woot?
Does mill participate in any discussions? Maybe mill is obsessed with being first!

Mill are you out there?

Besides wondering about mill, I’d like to hear some discussion on this double-duo before I am tempted. Bring on the winemaker. Haha


you gotta love Mill. WD


hmmm not sure about these. need more info




Madwine (with a stolen computer) writes:

Man you were a hard sell! I tried to post back to you but the woot people cut me off at the knees! Thanks for the woot. By the by, it won’t be a Meritage party, which I may crash, but a DEAD Gladiator named Maximus! Enjoy!!!


I also would like to hear from the maker first - website is pretty sparse & no details on their history/winery… looks tempting but I’ll need a little convincing


Had to go for it. You gotta love a wine named Skinny Dip. Plus that was one of the greatest write-ups ever. Any idea who “Vincent” really is? Other than a genius, I mean?

BTW, does it trouble anyone other than me that the winemakers misspelled “impromptu” on their home page? Doesn’t exactly speak to attention to detail, does it? Just sayin’.



Ironically, linguistic interpretation of ancient family winemaking texts almost led to the downfall of this winery before it got off the ground. Due to a horrible oversight in translation, the primary ingredient in the winemaking process was mis-read as ‘apes.’

Though they had read about the agricultural challenges of getting a vineyard off the ground, C&T Cellar encounted many issues growing apes in the Napa Valley. Initial yields were much lower than expected. They were fortunate to have acquired a strain of ape that kept themselves relatively parasite free. Sulfur dust applications were an exercise in futility and early attempts to graft the young apes to phylloxera-resistant root stock were a tremendous failure.

Resolutely, they pressed onward, determined to get a product to market on time. It wasn’t until their ‘first crush’ that disaster struck, leaving the production facility in a shambles and the C & T team scratching their heads over what they did wrong.

Vincent was called in to troubleshoot review their process and he was the one who pointed out the typographical error in the original transcription. From that day forward, C&T Cellar has been successfully growing GRAPES and making fine wine in the Napa Valley.



OMG, this made me literally laugh out loud in my office sparking strange looks from my colleagues and further fueling the rumor that I’ve been keeping a stash of old vine zin hidden somewhere…


Grape story, Corrado. Grape story!