C contracts/ D contracts

Hi guys!

I was wondering if I could have a summary of what C contracts/D contracts mean (since A/B are explained in submission process, but C and D aren’t). I googled for this info, and couldn’t find it - sorry if I was too blind :slight_smile:

As I understand it …

C-contract: No $1k up front, $2/sale, does NOT enter the back catalog, and rights revert back to the artist after a year. Examples: Gym Rat, Slow Morning (subsequently printed at TeeTurtle and now printing at TeePublic).

D-contract: No $1k up front, $2/sale, enters the back catalog for continued sales. ALL printing rights are Woot’s. Examples: all HMs these days, the last few rounds of mentions-of-honors, most designs from shirtstorms, etc.

Supposedly in the works: non-exclusive contracts for designs that have printed elsewhere before.

Thank you veryyy muuuch! :smiley: