C&F Bedding



I love to redecorate my bedroom once in a while. It’s easy to do with just a few simple changes of bedding.

How about you? Which of these would strike your fancy if you were redecorating your sleep space?


I’ll admit it. I LOVE QUILTS! I don’t own any as they are all so very feminine. Is there anyone out there that makes quilts without flowers and kittens and the like?


I’ve seen t-shirt quilts before. What sort of quilt would you get if you were designing one for yourself?


It would be the same material as the “standard” quilt. Just with more I guess darker solid colors. I love the way they feel and they keep you warm but feel cool.


These look like they are nice. However, the pricing is a bit high; Overstock.com has them beat when it comes to prices.


Can you say “dowdy” ?


I think the entity who designed these quilts is also responsible for the redesign of Woot!


Beautiful, huh?


I just ordered a new sofa from o.co I’ve been buying from them for years.


I make handmade quilts. I very seldom make feminine type quilts. I prefer bold and bright colors. The louder it is, the better I like it! I have also done t-shirt quilts. In fact when I travel I always buy a Shirt for my quilt that someday I will get around to making.


I wish there was an option to purchase the extra pillows that are shown with the Amberly quilt.


No King sets? Wah!

These are lovely though. Anyone who thinks otherwise can keep sleeping under their tacky, poofy comforters :stuck_out_tongue:


Visited their site to see more, and it looks like they have cute stuff in other departments as well - but in order to even look at the catalog rather than a “sampling” of items (which you can’t purchase w/out accessing the catalog), you must be a “qualified retailer.” Why even plug their site on Woot if it’s only for retailers? What a tease.


I agree completely. I think someone(s) at Woot goofed. I looked on their site for an email address, to email them & ask if it is only for wholesalers (maybe we aren’t doing what we need to do to get to the retail section), but could not find their email address anywhere. They just list their stores, with addresses and phone numbers. I don’t think someone who carries their products would be able to help, so I gave up. Sometimes it’s the best thing to do:)


Very true - there are even some people who consider using “Bed in a Bag” kits to be decorating.

So, traditional design doesn’t always equate to “dowdy.” Yes, this isn’t the posh conspicuous statement that a rich down comforter in a luxury cover makes. But, this world takes all kinds, and not everyone wants to be that type of person. (I can afford a BMW, but I wouldn’t be caught dead in one. Its not that I wouldn’t appreciate the luxury features, but the other “typical-buyer” traits and “aspirational” associations that are tied up in the brand are an anathema to me.) I like being a Subaru person - I’ve got a practical and pragmatic streak that trumped my desire for a heated steering wheel!

Tangents aside, there’s a comfort that comes from a quilt - kind of reminiscent of the feeling we get when remembering the childhood hugs and security found in the arms of grandma. Want to feel snug while cozied up on the couch on those dreary rainy days? Pulling the quilt off your bed and wrapping yourself in it to settle in imparts that satisfaction.

Also, the Wedding Ring pattern being offered is uber traditional in American and European quilt-making. Designs can get so specific that they are used by the experts to detail very specific info about where they were made, who made them, the environment and economic situation they were in, etc… (Heck, even their creator’s hopes and dreams, as some designs are associated with particular lifetime milestones.) Some even consider quilts and the traditional designs as a way to tell the tale of those generations (of mostly women) that historians didn’t generally deem worthy of documentation. As the dudes on Antiques Roadshow can attest, some of these things are just considered aesthetically pleasing to a lot of folks, and consequently are wicked valuable.