C.G. Di Arie Shenandoah Valley - 3 Pack

C.G. Di Arie Shenandoah Valley - 3 Pack
$54.99 + $5 shipping
1 2006 Zinfandel “Southern Exposure” Shenandoah Valley, CA
1 2007 Barbera, Sierra Foothills
1 2007 Petite Sirah, Estate Grown, Shenandoah Valley, CA
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Winery website
Gary V tasting video

I went to this winery last summer! Tasted a vertical of the Proprieter’s Blend with Chaim and a bunch of their other wines. All solid and well made. This is probably the best 3-pack you could ask for (of reds).

The Grandpere/OGP vineyard is used by a few other wineries including Noceto and Scott Harvey (he calls it 1869). Here is an article of the whole mess.

nailed it

C.G. Di Arie Wines Tasting with Chaim Gur-Arieh

Shenandoah Zin

Awesome stuff. I love Israelis, I love Petite Sirah (known but not all too common over in Faux Shenandoah – sorry Cali, but you should at least try to be original in your terminology), and great way to explore some of the inland terroir.

I’m low on barbera and zin, and always glad to support PioneerS in any sort of technology :-).

In for 3.

Chaim, are you or anybody else from your winery going to be attending Dark and Delicious this year? And if not, why not?

(btw, I currently have the '03 and '04 PS in my fridge, and can bring out for the after-Party).

Chaim, what’s your favorite Israeli PS? :slight_smile:

oh, and winedrew/winedavid/winefarm, I never heard back from you guys on how many want to come to D&D – I still need to buy your tickets, so let me know asap.

Courtesy of CJ:

So join or create a gathering now!


And a reminder that a lot of us will be going to Dark & Delicious (Petite Sirah Gathering) this Friday in Alameda and then Scott’s Party on Sunday in St. Helena! Click on the links above for more info. Hope to see you there!


Ha, should know better than to think that Cesare wouldn’t catch a bad link :wink:

Did a tasting with this guy, and was really impressed with his knowledge and wines. A hidden gem, and distinctive take. In for 2, since I have a stock already.

Check out Chaim’s vintner voicemail.

“Oak is always in the background.”

“My wines are drinkable when I release them.”

I like how confident and straightforward he is.

Wait wait, the winemaker’s Israeli. This has to be kosher, right?

Tempted to try for Last Wooter, but not on the chance this may sell out (from what I understand, not huge quantities made by him), so in for 3 as well!

C.G. Di Arie Shenandoah Valley - 3 Pack
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Can you tell us more? What’s the style here? really ripe, or with some acid kick? any heat? any bright fruit on the palate?

Re: The 2007 Barbera, I noticed it lists 13% Zinfandel and 8% Primitivo

I thought they were the same grape.(like syrah and shiraz)

Does this just signify separate clones?

  1. The winery’s website, while very pretty, does not scale to ‘lower’ resolutions… if 1280x1024 is lower res these days.

  2. The winemaker looks like Lee Van Cleef. Ha!

  3. No Vermont!!! Woot has a number of VT lurkers, please investigate the flaming hoops VT requires for wine sales for next time.

Yes. It’s one thing to call a wine a Primitivo rather than a Zin, but it does seems strange to list them separately in the same wine.


“Recent “DNA” testing has shown Primitivo to possess the exact same genetic make up as the popular California grape, Zinfandel. Oddly enough, both varieties origins are tracked back to Croatia. And while the grapes may be identical in theory, the wines they produce have distinct differences.”


You sound like a fascinating man. I’d love to hear anything you can tell about your philosophy of winemaking, particularly as it relates to the 3 wines for sale here.

I can already tell quite a bit from your voicemail. It sounds as if you have very specific goals in mind, and you’re something of a maverick too! Is that correct?

p.s. Turkey to Israel to U.S. - that sounds fascinating too.

From what I understand, Primitivo is the predecessor to Zin and there’s something in the back of my head saying that for a time it was thought to be a lost grape. That might explain some of why there’s different results with the same genetic makeup as people have been treating it a little different.

As for today’s deal, I started “meh” and quickly changed my mind to pick up 2 instead. I’m not a big zin person, but the barbera and petite sirah drew me in…