C.G. Di Arie Shenandoah Valley - 3 Pack

Too soon, WD! I haven’t had a chance to try my purchase from last time. Assuming I like them, hope they make it back in 4 months or so.

Yeah… I think I just got these in the mail maybe a week or 2 ago, wish I could provide my opinion for those who missed this on Valentine’s Day.

Here’s the discussion from last time (2/14/11) Same price, too.

I thought zinfandel and primitivo were genetically identical, or nearly so. No?

Just opened the Barbera last week, it was delicious. I might be in for more just based on that bottle alone, not having tried the other wines in the deal.

I was a food science major in college, then spent four years in Israel. How can I NOT buy this?

Edit: I can’t not buy it.

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Well, you could NOT press the button. That’s one way.


After reading the comments on the previous offering, I think I’m in for 2 on this one.

Do I know what rhetorical means?

And remember there was a glowing endorsement from Scott Harvey regading the winery. In for 3.

Couldn’t resist, in for 3, If I enjoy the other wines anywhere near as much as the Barbera, I will be completely satisfied.

I wooted half a case recently, and cannot provide detailed tasting notes just yet. But I will observe that its corrugated cardboard shipping box is handsome and well-proportioned.

Yep. I almost hit the button for 3, but then decided based on the lack of excitement thus far in the woot-off, ther must be some great stuff coming up that I’ll just have to have. So I went ahead with 2. Hopefully I won’t regret it!

Yeah I ended up pulling back and went for 2. Thank god I am leaving work now, this site is making me spend too much money. I have way too much wine as it is!

I purchased this when it came up last and regretfully haven’t dug into it too much yet. I did have the bottle of barbera for dinner a few nights ago and while it was good I wasn’t super impressed. It was my first barbera so maybe I just don’t like the varietal very much, but it just felt thin to me. I have yet to try the other two, but I really like PS and Zin so I might regret not getting more of this.

I actually popped open the Petite Sirah that I ordered last night. Pouring it I was amazed at how inky it looked, right down to even looking downright thick. It was nice and jammy with great dark fruit flavors up front and settled down nicely as I had a couple more glasses. I actually drank it with liver and onions (as our sommilier friend recommended a Syrah for a good wine pairing) and it matched up very well. The tannins went well with the richness of the liver and bacon, and the fruitiness went well with the tomatoes. I’m looking forward to trying the others, and if I would have only ordered one 3-pack last time I’d be ordering more now.

I bought 3 the last time it was on WW and found them all to be delicious. They were all pretty smooth. In the middle of the PS right now. Couldn’t believe my luck when I turned on the computer and saw them again. In for 3…AGAIN.

OT, but something to pass the time…

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