C.G. Di Arie Southern Exposure Zin (4)

C.G. Di Arie Southern Exposure Zinfandel 4-Pack
$79.99 $155.00 48% off List Price
C.G. Di Arie 2005 Zinfandel “Southern Exposure”
C.G. Di Arie 2006 Zinfandel “Southern Exposure”
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A pleasure to meet Chaim at the winery back on Wootception weekend, and these are delicious wines. Well, at least the 2006 is - I haven’t tried the 2005. Given the quality of the fruit and Chaim’s style I’ve no doubt this is one of the Zins you’re looking for. If I were buying wine right now this would be a no-brainer autobuy.

If they were shipping to GA right now, this would be a no-brainer.

ditto! Woot needs to be singing some Ray Charles!

Please bring back shipping to Minnnesota!

If they could they would!
Believe me, they would like to sell you some wine.

16 states is all that can be delivered to?!!! Wow.

How free do you feel now?

It’s for your own good you know. They care more about you than you do. What would you ever do without them?

In 2011 when I bought a 4-pack they could ship C.G. to 27 states.

Do you really not know what changed?

One comment about the wine and six about shipping and only ten orders sold. Last two days have been very slow for winewoot. What’s up with that?

let me count the ways…

Chaim here! Nice to be back. The folks at Wine Woot are the greatest. They work very hard to bring to you the best wines at deal prices. The fact that these Zins have been in the bottle for a few years should not discourage you. They are still in their prime. I guarantee it! Please join the conversation I will be around for a while.

Chaim here! I am the winemaker/owner of C.G. While it would be best to purchase from WineWoot, if they don’t ship to your state I still can ship to 26 states. Contact us at info@diariewines.com and we will give you a similar deal.

Chaim here! I don’t know what changed but we still ship to 26 sates. If WineWoot can’t do it we might!

That’s a kind and wonderful offer.

We’re working on a limited ship-to state list right now but continue to monitor everything as laws & regs evolve.

Totally agree with Klez.
When we visited after the Wootception we picked up a Rose I wish I’d have gotten a half case of, some Cab Franc, “Port”, Southern Exposure Syrah and other goodies. We also tasted the Southern Exposure Zin and I thought I got some, but can’t find it in CT. Gonna look with the other bottles and hope to find it, otherwise these are going in the basket.
Great visit!

Thanks Chaim. W.W. is dealing with some unknown issues. We appreciate offers like this one.

By the way, I opened a bottle of your 2006 PS recently and it was awesome. Opened an 07 last weekend and it was less awesome than the 06 and obviously needed more time, but was still delicious.

I had the 2006 Zin “Shenandoah Valley” when offered on wine.woot and thought it was great. How does the “Southern Exposure” compare?

You are so kind!