Ca'Momi Bianco di Napa White Blend (6)

Ca’Momi Bianco di Napa White Blend 6-Pack
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2014 Bianco di Napa, Napa Valley

If there’s a chance to find out, it’d be great to know how much residual sugar this has. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

2014 Ca’ Momi Bianco di Napa
I think that woot monkey may have played a trick on me this week. Dropped off a bottle at my office on Thursday afternoon with a note that said, “make it snappy, this one will see its name in lights tomorrow night”. I did as I was told, brought it home and had it in the fridge all day Friday, ready for its close-up.

This evening when I pulled the cork, I noticed a little blackishness on the inside (natural cork). Don’t remember having seen that before, and I wouldn’t have expected to see it in a relatively young wine. I’ve never had a corked wine that I’m aware of, but from reading here I would have expected a moldy sock smell, or wet newspaper, or some such other nastiness, which is not at all what I found here. The cork material didn’t seem to be compromised. After a few hours, the cork had dried, but there were still slight discolorations remaining. It makes me wonder if maybe the bottle I got was not an optimal example of this product.

As for the wine: Pale yellow. Not much of a nose, I’m getting unripe pear, maybe? Not much flavor either, it kind of disappears. Just kind of flat, from beginning to end. Not sweet. Not acidic either. My spouse thought it had a more flavorful initial impression, agreed that it had a flat finish, but would have kept drinking it anyway.

We had a small pour, a few ounces, for tasting purposes, then I opened something else to go with dinner.

After dinner, and a proper nap on the couch, I poured myself another small glass of the Bianco, to see if my impression would be different. It wasn’t. Sorry to say.


Unfortunately I’m a bit delayed in posting, but regrettably FedEx and I were ships in the signature required passing of the night. Or day, since I just received the bottle this afternoon.

Chilled for an hour to about 60 degrees, and opened the bottle. Foil still spun easily and the cork came out with a bit of a slight cellar/musty scent. Color is a muted yellow, very light.

Nose in the glass seems like a stone fruit or green apple but it’s faint. The taste is a bit tart but has a fruit overtone to it. Initially it seems there is a strong flavor - definitely not sweet - it reminded me of a grapefruit. The SO thought it was riesling-ish, but I’d have to go with a non-specific blend.

Overall not a bad drinking wine. I would be happy to pick up a few bottles and keep on hand for say a seafood dinner!

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