CA Coast Naturals Olive Sampler (6)

CA Coast Naturals Olive Sampler (6)

Has anyone who’s purchased this before thought it to be worth it? Did you enjoy the olives as well as the price point?

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Dangit. From the picture, I thought some of the olives were stuffed with pizza.


I have purchased 2 or 3 times before…I still have a couple of bottles in the fridge and debating buying again. Recommended.


Purchased 4/25. Estimated delivery 5/20! Delivery address is a one and a half hour drive from manufacturers address! Even snail mail could deliver it in a days or two.

Edit: Received today May 4th so only took 6 business days.

Gourmet offers take a bit longer because they’re coming directly and usually to Wine Country Connect to ship. Thank you for your patience.