Ca' del Bosco Sparkling Set (2)

Ca’ del Bosco Sparkling Set 2-Pack
$64.99 (Normally $98.00) 34% off List Price
Ca’ Del Bosco Cuvee Prestige Brut NV
Ca’ Del Bosco Brut Franciacorta NV

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SHIPPING NOTICE: These will not be available to ship until 09/15/12.

Any thoughts?

Ok, I’m intrigued.

Talk to me, what are we looking at here???


Am I just blind or have you hidden when these were bottled? CellarTracker has the drinking window on the 2008 Cuvee Prestige as Now!Now!Now!

I was hoping for some sparkling wine, but I like it sweet. Maybe some moscato d’asti will show up?

The Cuvée Prestige is NV. There is no 2008 vintage (the CT record is an error). Ca’ del Bosco’s vintage cuvées are designated “Millesimato” (vintage) and “Cuvée Annamaria Clementi.”

The NV Cuvée Prestige spends 8 months in steel vats and 25 months fermenting in the bottle, so this was put together at least 2 years, and 9 months ago. Likely with the results of the 2010 harvest.

That said, pretty much all NV sparkling wines are best consumed within a year of release. Some can take a bit of aging, but it’s not the intention. So, yes, if you buy drink now, now, now.

Or in a year, in a year, in a year. :slight_smile:


Just dose the bottom of your glass with a splash of Chambord before topping off with bubbly. PRESTO!
seriously, it’s good.

Maybe someone from WW can get a rep from the winery and/or importer to join us. Without some information here and given lack of labrats, we could be looking a WWO killer.

Aw come on… how many wineries participate during a woot!off? I’m still surprised that the preserves people showed up! But then again, we can hope…

In for 2. Oh wait, I live in Mississippi. Let me drive 5 minutes to get to my wine store. Nonsensical, I tell you. Y’all enjoy.

Edit: replied to wrong post (see post below for correct reply)

YES, would love some of that!

Woot-off rules stipulate that a product can only remain so long and then it gets the axe and another product is launched. I’m not sure of the exact time frame, but it is something reasonable i.e. 1-2 hours…

Well if this is still up after midnight woot time, I may buy one and then have the whole day for shipping. But haven’t made a purchase yet today, so it doesn’t make sense to do so on an item we know so little about and no one on here seems to have any experience with.

At least it’s not a bottle of bacon flavored something or other :slight_smile: I can’t say I’m sorry to see bacon being retired…

Thank you for the quick lesson. Sometimes, the wine, it frightens and confuses me :slight_smile:

You can only hope… isn’t this a bacon themed woot!off? I haven’t seen the bacon salt on any of the sites yet.

Standby… I’ll go hunt down some rules on Woot-offs!

Edit: THEY HAVE HIDDEN THEM FROM ME! I have read the rules before, but now I can not locate them. Sorry…

It looks like there have been 4 out of 60 purchased… 56 more to go