Someone say Cab? :slight_smile:

Links to previous discussions

Hansen cellars
2011 - not this wine but lots of discussion with the winery.

2012 - was offered when the 11’ sold out early

Parducci 08’ reserve cab

Arbios vertical case

08’ emblem cab

It may be wishful thinking, but has anyone who went in on the Arbios vertical the last time it was offered opened any of them up yet?

I know I am not exactly unbiased, but we had a 2006 Arbios last night and it was great - really smooth and complex. Last month we had one of the 1996s and the bottle bouquet was really lovely on that one - better than ever. Happy to answer any questions if they come up.

Fred, Any recommendations from this list? Thanks in advance.

Bummer! The Arbios doesn’t ship to Michigan!?

(FYI for buyers, neither does the Hansen… but I was looking at the Arbios. Looks like the other wines do.)

The previous offer was too rich for me. This still is as I’m still recovering from xmas and have lots of other expenses popping up. CT notes are limited but generally very positive. But I wonder if any wooters who bought this have tried any?

I think the Arbios deal is killer BTW.

I’m out of town and don’t have any notes in front of me, but the Hansen has good QPR, really nice wine for $10.

The Emblem is just OK, we have a few bottles left and it seems they are the ones we bring to family get-togethers where people will just be drinking to drink. The SO likes it more than I, but we won’t be buying any more of it once we are through with what we have. Not bad, just not worth the price to me.

I partially disagree. I don’t think the Emblem is amazing, but I do think it is quite good (and I am a cab guy); certainly worth the price, but yeah, don’t expect it to be a steal, it’s not the deal of the century or anything. But if you’re looking to stock up on a solid daily drinker, I really put the Emblem very, very high on that list…

I checked the price of the Emblem when I purchased, and we got it for $20/bottle. I think there are better wines for $20, but I’d buy again if we were out at $15. Like I said, my wife enjoys it more than I. Maybe that’s a better way to state it.

Agree. I’m tempted to go for it, but I wish there were some tasting notes from wooters who went in on it the first time it was offered.

I opened a 2004 last night. Really great. A little cork seepage, but nothing too bad. Wine started of kind of stinky, let it breathe in the bottle for about 3 hours opened up really nice. Nice structure, nice fruit. Had it with Gourmet sausage. Perfect paring!! Can’t wait to try one of the earlier ones. I think I’ll try the 1999 next.

Thanks so much for your input! Delighted the first bottle was a winner. Hope to hear from some of the other folks who have tried their wines. Pretty sure this will be the last offering of the Arbios Libary Case.

I split a case with Herb, put four away for birth year wines for my four children: 1995, 1998, 2000, 2002. Left with a 2005 and 2009, Herb kept the other six.

I really enjoyed the 2005, here’s my tasting note:

Drank 12/27/2014

Slow ox (pop the cork and let it sit) for a couple hours, then brought to anniversary dinner at Delmonico’s. Nice deep nose- dark red cherry and cassis. Good structure. Long finish, some secondary leather and tobacco. Terrific with food and a good steak. Win.

PS This was my parents’ 50th Anniversary dinner, so I was hoping it was going to be a good wine! The other cab I brought was Wellington.

Love the idea of keeping the bottles for your kids and glad the wine showed well for a golden anniversary!