Cables to Go iPod Compatible Travel Kit

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Cables to Go iPod Compatible Travel Kit
$17.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Darn. Not for the iPad.

oh do I want it… seems kinda high priced for a woot

Zune Travel Kit please

Anyone have one of these? that FM adapter looks useful but not if the quality sucks.

i find it expensive

I’ve seen it other places for $50. That seemed a little over priced.

Does anyone know if the FM transmitter runs off of the ipod or does it need a power source (the cigarette lighter)?

Is this worth it??

Hmmm, keeping my accessories & cables has been a bit of a chore. Gosh, could this be the answer I’ve been looking for?

Uh, no!

What is this “Zune” you speak of? I know only of iPod and other fine products that my overlords at Apple make.

I swear I’ve got all of those cables/adapters tangled up somewhere in my cable bag… If anything this case would be useful so I don’t have to go on a 3 hour endeavor to find my car charger.

looks to me like the FM transmitter runs off the ipod (most of them do) but they also give you the DC and AC power cords so you could also plug it into the car when you need power…

20 bucks on amazon

compatible with iphone in airplane mode? uh, no thanks.

The FM Modulator runs from iPod power, and the sound is good, not great, not bad, good.

I don’t I just use an FM transmitter I picked up from Woot a couple years ago for $6, it still works and it uses a 3.5mm jack so I can use it on any mp3 player not just an iPod.

does this work with the newer iphones

What’s with the items that are only of use if you ALREADY own something? What? Come on woot. Put up something cool.