Cables To Go iPod FM Transmitter w/Car Charger


I missed the Jerky… crap!

Does this come with an Ipod?

I got 3 boc… How did you guys have so many issues?

rubs it in

What the hell is an ipod?

Wow you’re kidding… They’re still selling these?

In for one

i bought this a while ago and i kind of like it.

I don’t vant your stinkin’ iPoad.


What about a car?

will they have the bog of crap again on this woot off?


Lucky you, I had to wait for it…

Does this have a cornupopia app?

FM Transmitter

Realization that a CD player just wasn’t enough.

Where, oh where, is the Rumba my son wants for Christmas?


This reminds me of the “I have 3 ps3s” video on youtube, except I have a PS3, and you have 3 bags o crap.