Cables Unlimited Bluetooth Dongle

shipping kills it. not there isn’t anything made after 2005 without bluetooth.

is a bluetooth dongle for 8.99 shipped and is alot smaller form factor

just FYI guys

This would actually be good for those with those fancy digital picture frames.

here is there website

You said Dongle. Hehe. I like it though. Definitely could be useful… if it came in a better color.

Woot, you’ve got to do something with the blurbs on the yahoo sellout page - they try to be witty, but every single one I read makes me facepalm. They seriously need to get some better copywriters on that team. Why can’t you guys write it for them, eh?

I imagine that this would work pretty well if you wanted to use your Wiimote to control your computer. I recommend BlueSoleil

Good find MMDominator88. Surprised someone found a better deal so quickly.

Will it work with Linux? I am serious, not just being annoying.

I must but 3 at this price. But what would I do with 3?

Also, does this work with Linux? :slight_smile:

EVEN BETTER: $5.08 with free shipping

Is that other one better? I want to buy one of these but not sure which one to get.

is this used only for bluetooth or i can connect to a wireless network with it? Also, if i buy two will i be able to share a single internet connection between the two computers? I understand that the speed is limited…

They’re selling them by the carton on CU website. 70 in a carton. MSRP $29.99. But I don’t know if that’s the price for 1 USB Dongle or a carton of 70.

Think I’m going to go with this one:

Your thoughts?

anyone alive to help?

This one looks even smaller:

But no idea about price.

No you can not connect to wireless with this.

Thanx bud!