Cadaco Buzztime Home Trivia System Bundle


pricing for future reference

1 Cadaco Buzztime Home Trivia System Bundle

$9.99 + $5 shipping


so it’s like a board game?


looks goofy enough… but 3 extra random trivia game cartridges or 4 as pictured?
yahoo shopping … NOT

did anyone ever post yahoo shopping links? first time i actually searched anything on yahoo shoppp


screenshot please?



I’d be all over this if my kids were older. By the time we are at that stage I am sure there will be something even cooler out.


It looks like 3 extra means 4 instead of 1.


The bundle probably doesn’t exist as a product in this form in many other places, but the price is good alone just on the system.
froogle for system


so to play with more than 2 people do you just buy more of these things?


Retails for 59.99 , Yet I do not feel like jacking in to the tv. Will leave the Wii hooked up.


It was a native american named Chief Cooks Pasta Without Sauce


this game reminds of the trivia game i played on the plane flying over the Atlantic. you play against other passengers and it would tell you which seat won. :slight_smile:


ahh screw it, I bought 2 of em, we have fun playing this at the bars… and it appears its cheaper to buy this than to get the extra controllers on their own.


Seems like a Good deal, may get one later tonight upon more thought.
Anyone actually already own one of these (any feedback?)
Is it worth getting or is it just a lame game?



If you want 8 players do we need to buy extra remotes or is there a way to use two remotes for 8 ppl?


seems like you gotta buy extra remotes


funniest description since “this new cough medicine is great” or whatever that was. Oooh, Navy Seals!


So in for this! We play Buzztime at the local BW3’s a lot, the hubby will love this! We’ve got an extra space on our AV switch that we have hooked up to the TV (to switch between XBox and the Wii). I’m so excited, especially since I have no use for the regular woot today.


User Guide for this: