Café Carmellata au Sel Pecans 18oz Tin



Aww… nuts.


I have had these before. I can’t justify the cost to myself now, but these are a very big temptation.

They are absolutely DELICIOUS. Not too too dark in flavor, yet not cloyingly sweet either.

Once in a blue moon, Mom gets a can to put out with our “cheese/appetizers” that accompanies any big family gathering (Jewish holidays, Thanksgiving) and they are usually the first to go, unless she also serves her amazing mushroom puffs, which alas (for all y’all) not on offer at Woot.


I hope these are as good as they sound (in any language)! In for one. Yummmmm!


aww… nuts is right. They had me til the expresso part. why do people have to put coffee flavor on everything and ruin it ?


The description said “sea salt kissed with expresso,” so how much expresso could there be? Now, if it had said “sea salt had wild monkey sex with expresso,” that would have been another matter…


A can of pecans… “may contain tree nuts”?

A litigious society gone nuts. Or something.


May Contain Peanuts and/or Other Tree Nuts

So I could open my can of gourmet pecans and find Planters Peanuts?


Man. Remember when wine.woot used to have awesome stuff like this? They have a bloody novelty wineglass up on the site right now. They used to talk about how “summer shipping” meant they couldn’t ship food, and they used that idio**tic excuse up through freakin’ November. Even though there are tons of great foods (and liquids like the syrups they’ve sold) that can be shipped just fine in the summer. Not everything is sea salt chocolate, you know? So thanks to the home.woot team for picking up where wine.woot just doesn’t goddamned care anymore. I bought three.