Cafe Pump Espresso Machine



Looks pretty cool!


Why so much coffe? I need a vacuum, please.


New for 159.99 at manufacturer’s website:


I can’t speak about this machine but I have a regular Capresso coffee machine that has gone on strong for 2 1/2 years. Very happy with its durability. Good company for coffee making!


As an espresso and cortado lover, I’m very dubious of this machine. 16 bar is great, but not of it isn’t regulated back down to a constant 9 bar.

Also, it isn’t a sieve, it’s a filter basket.


Seattle Coffee Gear lists a few cons, but say it’s good for the regular price, so it must be great at the Woot price.


This is a good entry machine for someone to try these kinds of drinks without making a huge financial output!


Yeah, just read the Seattle Coffee review of it. Sounds like a very decent machine for the latte and cappuccino drinker. I’d be curious to play with one.


Yummmm. You will enjoy becoming a barista!!


After weekend only use over the past few months, mine ceased to function. Boo. I’ll check back with how the warranty dealings go.