Cafe Valencia 2-Cup Coffee Maker

Can it make bacon???


Now there’s your twofer Tuesday, right there. One for the shower, one for the car, good to go…

For those BAMFs who like to double-fist joe. I hope there are a lot of 6-fisted people. Buy 3.

Only need 1 cup, but 2…

That’s actually kind of cool…

I want a 2 cup monster maker… Thats my drink of choice

I bought one of these when it was up last week. Love it! Perfect for a single person that only drinks a cup a day. :slight_smile:


Nice price, two cups… tempted. Hmm…

For the love of all things Woot!, do not make the same mistake I did by purchasing this. It got used twice before being retired to the nether-reaches of my closet.

O’ Valencia

I’ll burn this whole city down.

don’t drink coffee…

Chocolate, men, coffee - some things are better rich.

Cups are plastic lined on the inside… boo!

Will this one explode like my Senseo?

“be sure to hear ““click”” while turn the knob”

Woot’s price is decent if you are a wuss that only drinks 2 cups.

Does this use normal bagged coffee or do i need to buy specific single use coffee shots?

Bought one, broke after the first use. Be wary.