Cafe Valencia 2-Cup Coffee Maker

Ewwww… NEXT

mmmm… Coffee…

the item is showing up in my “community” tab, but not in the “today’s woot” tab. Wtf?


good woot! as long as it’s well priced

not showing up but actually a good deal someone paid 40+ shipping for this on ebay haha so buy 3 lol

why can I comment but not purchase?
I hope the BOC processes a bit better than some of these other items have. (yeah right!)

who broke w00t again geesh

bag o crap

I can only see it under the community tab as well…

Yay for Woot not showing the product.

How many “DO NOT WANTS!” do we have before it is even up?

I think someone at Woot needs coffee. WAKE UP

Its still showing the stupid black jack game for me I show this in the ‘woots’ how much is this?


I’ll pass on this woot! SAHRRY!

Someone fucked up and turned the wrong switch!!

Bring on the Bag of Shit!!

failed >:O

Someone fucked up and turned off the wrong switch.

Bring on the bag of Shit!!


Ok…I’m off to bed. Call me if the crap comes up.