Caffeine Power Up

Where’s the Oxygen Atom?

The contents of this shirt helped me stay up for this shirt. It’s a vicious cycle.

Congrats Fish on the print!!

Those little caffeine molecules sure look “perky.”

Hoowah! Totally went for the pun.

Always in my cup, but not in my wardrobe.

Why are the double bonds (C=O and C=N) not depicted explicitly aside from, I guess, the inference made from the number of neighboring hydrogens?

Still cute! Congrats =)

More Chemistry than Roleplaying…

Congrats, fishbiscuit! :smiley:

Make that sleep -700 since I had to stay up til midnight to even look at it. :smiley:

Congrats Fishbiscuit! Way to hold it down for The Art Illuminati!

The O is shown; however it’s of the same color as the H, only shown bigger in size–representative of its greater atomic weight maybe…haha 8|

The oxygens are the larger lighter brown color of hydrogens. I’m more worried about lack of double bonds.

Obviously someone wasnt paying attention in chemistry class!

2 Big beige balls

Doesn’t the Caffeine Power Up also grant +10 productivity?

Gave up coffee on the most part; the caffeine doesn’t help me anyways. Not that taking on a habit of woot shirts is any cheaper … or is it?

Is that an extra Hydrogen on the left (the one holding the coffee)?

I thought FB was a girl :shy:

They’re in there, they’re just the same color as the hydrogen molecules and slightly bigger.

I really like this shirt but my days playing with the organic chemistry modeling kits and software make my inner chemist twitch to see the hydrogens and oxygens the same color…I don’t think I’ll be able to bring myself to buy it! sob


I’ve already got the ThinkGeek Caffeine shirt and the ‘Got Caffeine’ shirt, how many caffeine shirts is one man allowed to own??

However, this will be my first caffeine/gaming shirt, so I guess that’s something new…